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Career Breakfast Bucharest


This format usually allows you to have short individual conversations with different career partners. At this breakfast all consulting slots are already full, you are welcome to join for networking.

Have your CV ready for upload. After your registration (latest by mid of September) here on the right side, you will receive an extra e-mail with your access data for our e-learning platform Moodle. There you need to upload your CV to reserve up to three consulting slots of your choice. 


Attention: This event starts at 8:30 in the morning local time!

Career Breakfast Bucharest

Sorry, Consulting Slots are fully booked.nevertheless you are welcome to join for networking.

To take the most out of the 10 minutes, CVs will be sent to the consultants prior to the event.


Short schedule:

08:15 a.m. Welcome coffee

08:30 a.m. Opening and short intro speech by Alin Popescu, Partner at DHR International Neumann

Topic: “Best practices in working with executive search consultants”

09:00 a.m. Start with one-on-one sessions

10:30 a.m. End of one-on-one sessions and time for networking



The following experts have already confirmed their participation with their topics:

Portrait Felicia Beldean

Felicia Beldean

Managing Partner, TARGET Executive Search


Download short CV (PDF)

Portrait Oana Ciornei

Oana Ciornei

Managing Partner, Amrop Jenewein


Executive Search: Recruiting Talents for What's Next


Download short CV (PDF)

Portrait Sorin Faur

Sorin Faur

HR Academy


Recruitment & Talent Attraction


Download short CV (PDF)




Portrait Sotiris Karagiozidis

Sotiris Karagiozidis

International Client Director, Kilpatrick International Executive Search


International Career Opportunties


Download short CV (PDF)

Portrait Wolfgang Klaar

Wolfgang Klaar

Managing Partner, Donau Consult Energy


Transport, Logistics, Production and HR


Download short CV (PDF)

Picture of Kerstin Knapp

Kerstin Knapp

Puma Energy International


Oil & Gas, Emerging Markets, Career Coaching


Download short CV (PDF)

Portrait Irina Panzaru

Irina Panzaru

Senior Consultant, Stanton Chase


Consumer Products and Services, Life Sciences and Healthcare and Industrial


Download short CV (PDF)

Portrait Daniela Pata

Daniela Pata

Managing Partner, Donau Consult Energy


Oil, Gas, Finance and Banking


Download short CV (PDF)



Portrait Kristian Pedersen

Kristian Pedersen

Pedersen & Partners


Consumer Goods Romania & Global


Download short CV (PDF)



Portrait Alin Popescu

Alin Popescu

Neumann & Partners


Download short CV (PDF)

Portrait Cristina Postolache

Cristina Postolache

Partner, Stanton Chase


Technology, Professional Services, Natural Resources and Energy and Industrial


Download short CV (PDF)

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We will take pictures during the event. These will be used in our online and offline communication activities.

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