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Career Center | MBA & Master of Laws Alumni | Career Services

Career center for MBA & Master of Laws alumni

The WU Executive Club is offering various career services to support our students and alumni optimal in achieving their career goals. Students and alumni of MBA and Master of Laws programs can use these services from the beginning of their studies.

Career services include:

Please contact our Community Engagement Managers if you have any questions.

Exclusive LinkedIn group

Exclusive LinkedIn group with over 2,000 successful managers

  • Incl. job offers on executive level
  • Direct link to executive search partners for individual questions
  • Executive search partner recruit directly from LinkedIn group
  • Career tips
  • Video-tutorials on how to connect with fellow Alumni on LinkedIn

Executive search partners

To meet the management-level career requirements of our alumni, the WU Executive Club entered into cooperations with leading international executive search companies and career consultants. These partnerships ensure that we can offer our MBA and Master of Laws alumni the following services for free or at reduced costs:

  • Coaching
  • Career and expatriate consulting
  • Application document-check
  • Career management
  • Potential analysis
  • Career events

Our Executive Search Partners get access to the alumni profiles in our LinkedIn group. Reciprocally, our alumni can request their contact details and also information on the company and their offers from the Community Engagement Manager. Having a name, e-mail address and phone number already makes getting in touch much easier. In addition, regular career events with our partners, who, by the way, are also invited to all other alumni events, offer the opportunity to personally meet representatives from our Executive Search Partners.

You are interested in becoming an executive search partner of WU Executive Club? Contact our Community Engagement Managers!

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