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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

What you will learn

✓ Understand the effects of digitization on all aspects of business

✓ Implement Digitalization and develop an agile organization

✓ Recognize opportunities of digitalization and implement innovation

✓ Develp digital business models and create high-performing agile teams

Accelerate the success of your business

The digital revolution does not only transform the business world but all areas of our lives. It changes entire industries and forces companies to question their business models. The implementation of digital processes and innovation is essential for the companies’ future presence on the market. In order to stay competitive, they need to tackle the challenges of the digital transformation while at the same time taking advantage of the opportunities it offers.

Shape the Digital Transformation

You have experience in your job and high professional competence but the digital market and new technologies are an area you want to become more confident in? You want to understand digital transformation to better work with consultants and external agents or make yourself fit for the profound changes in the coming years and manage the digital transformation in your company.

Implement and measure the impact of your projects

This program on digital transformation will give you an overview and understanding of the digital market, insights into new technologies and the required mindset to drive digitalization in your business. You will learn about the mechanisms of a successful implementation of digital processes and you will gain hands-on experience on how to start a project and measure its success in a short time.

    • Course topics

      Module 1: Basics of Digitalization | 1 day

      • Economics of Information Goods
      • Competition, Pricing, Network Effects
      • Digital Platforms and Ecosystems
      • IoT, Industry 4.0 and Blockchain

      Module 2: Implementing Digitalization | 1 day

      • What is (not) Digitalization?
      • Building an Agile Organization
      • Machine Learning
      • Developing an IT-Security Strategy

      Module 3: Digitalization & Innovation | 1 day

      • Opportunity Recognition
      • Idea Development & Implementation
      • Intrapreneurship & Entrepreneurship Principals

      Module 4: Business Models in the Digital World | 1 day

      • Digital Business Modeling & Customer Development
      • High Performing Teams 
      • Creating and Managing Agile Teams 
    • Real-life content

      • You bring your business challenges to class for discussion
      • Fallbeispiele und Best Practices zu aktuellen Themen
      • Apply your newly acquired knowledge directly to your job
    • Individual and professional development

      • You'll have the skills to co-create a work place that suits you best.
      • You can make a difference in your team and achieve your goals.
      • You can have more fun at work.
    • Modern learning structure

      • Implementation of a project
      • group discussions
      • Experience based Learning
      • Individual coaching, peer to peer coaching, group coaching
      • written reflection
    • Upgrade MBA

      Would you like to dive deeper into the subject of digitisation? Apply for the MBA Digital Transformation & Data Science and attend the short program Organizational Design and more in the part-time Master of Business Administration. You can also get credit for a short program that has already been completed.


Thomas Kolarik

Erste Group | Advisor to the CEO, Banca Comercială Română

Alfred Taudes

Professor | Department of Information Systems and Operations | WU Vienna | Austria

More information

Thomas Funke

Managing Director, TechQuartier Frankfurt

- Start-ups & Company Formation

- Entrepreneurship & Innovation

- Idea Development & Implementation

Learn from world-renowned professors & experts

WU’s faculty is made up of world-renowned professors and acclaimed industry executives. Our lecturers are from WU, as well as more than 200 partner universities, and prominent corporations from across the globe. This means you’ll have access to a ton of lectures given by industry experts, and you’ll get their insights on a number of subjects including new scientific discoveries, the latest management tools and techniques, and much more.

Build an international network

Exchanging ideas with like-minded international peers will add immeasurable value to your experience at WU Executive Academy, as today’s businesses are becoming more and more global. You’ll also have the opportunity to build professional relationships with your peers, providing you with access to an international network throughout your career.

Excellent reputation

The WU Executive Academy is part of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) - one of Europe’s leading business universities. With over 100 years of experience in providing executive education, various recognized accreditations including AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA, and rankings in a range of business school and MBA lists, WU maintains its excellent reputation. That’s why so many career professionals and executives choose to pursue WU Executive Academy’s flexible programs.


After the successful completion of the program you will receive an official certificate from WU Executive Academy as validation of your acquired expertise in Digital Transformation.

Download the Digital Transformation factsheet or fill out our inforequest-form to learn more about the program, schedule and content.

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