ENGAGE.EU Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is typically defined as an educational approach using relevant work-based experiences to provide lifelong learners with the opportunity to integrate theory with the meaningful practice of work as an intentional component of the learning process.

As part of the ENGAGE.EU Alliance, WIL is implemented in practice-oriented learning activities designed for professionals to equip them with the tools they need to address societal change and engage socially. The programs build on the insights of the ENGAGE.EU Labs to provide participants with a unique learning experience, structure and methodology that enables them to find innovative approaches and sustainable solutions to future professional and personal challenges.

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Challenge-based Learning in Action

The programs consist of intensive courses addressing topics linked to sustainable development. All of them are collaboratively designed and delivered by ENGAGE.EU partner universities. Each format includes a variety of activities that, in most cases, are organized around two main phases:

  1. Input: online courses (with synchronous and asynchronous components) that provide participants with relevant knowledge, tools, and methods to tackle societal challenges.
  2. Implementation: on-site or online bootcamps set up as workshops, where participants apply what they just learned in the input phase to collaboratively address real-life societal challenges sponsored by ENGAGE.EU stakeholders (e.g., NPOs or NGOs, municipalities or cities, companies and industry clusters).

By leveraging and combining new knowledge and skills with their existing know-how and experience, our WIL participants achieve meaningful positive impact and learn to become effective changemakers in their professional environment and fields.

    • Executive Education Faculty Program

      This program is designed and delivered for faculty by faculty and aims to enable junior lecturers to unleash the executive education teacher within themselves. Participants will learn how to approach teaching to the target group of lifelong learners, executives and professionals with their specific needs and expectations. Internationally renowned executive education faculty will disclose their expertise and experiences, share tips, tricks and traps, and provide suggestions and feedback. Junior faculty will practice their newly acquired skills under their supervision and benefit from a highly supportive buddy system.

      Leading partner Tilburg University

      When: November 30, 2023 to March 2, 2024

      Read more and sign up here.

    • Transformational Leadership

      This intensive leadership program has aimed to dive into the theory and practice of leading organizations. Among the topics covered were leader traits, skills, styles, behaviors, development, and evaluation. The course was designed to address several fundamental aspects of managing and leading people in organizations. These include understanding human behavior and work motivation, inspiring trust and commitment, managing interpersonal relationships and conflict, working in teams, developing talent and other leaders, and fostering a sense of mission in the organization. In addition, some cutting-edge challenges faced by leaders in the 21st century were examined.

      Leading partner: Luiss University

      When: September 2023

    • Strengthen Your Innopreneurial Competencies by Tackling Societal Challenges

      In this project, learners had the opportunity to acquire new skills and perspectives while improving the performance of a charitable project at the same time. By using Design Thinking and knowledge about the principles of value creation, digital platforms, and linkages between ecosystems, they tackled a challenge related to the Josefbus, a volunteer project of Caritas that has been suffering under COVID-19 conditions. In preparatory online sessions, they gained the theoretical knowledge and methodologies that allowed them to develop innovative and creative solutions in the course of a four-day hands-on Bootcamp in Vienna.

      Leading partnersWU ViennaTilburg University

      When: October 5 to November 7, 2022

      Read more about the project here and here!

    • International Executive Education Faculty Bridge Program

      This intensive training program for junior faculty contained three deep dives into the world of executive education. The training was delivered online and offline over a period of three months and was accompanied by a supportive buddy system, enabling extensive international networking with like-minded colleagues. During the sessions, renowned senior executive education faculty shared approaches, advice, challenges and opportunities linked to teaching executives. Participants further benefited from their expertise in the form of supervision and feedback on the development of their own executive education courses. Additionally, they were able to continuously learn from each other by exchanging experiences, tips and ideas.

      Leading partnersTilburg University

      When: December 9, 2022 to February 5, 2023

      Read more about the project here!

    • Culture goes Start-up (in German)

      This business development course has been tailored to those working in the cultural, artistic or creative sector who would like to found a business but do not know where to start. It aimed at teaching them how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and how a vague idea can be turned into a feasible plan and concrete actions. Learners were given the chance to develop a viable project or business idea by the end of the course – to potentially use as a point of departure for founding their own start-up. 

      Leading partnerUniversity of Mannheim

      When: February 17 to June 16, 2023

      Read more about this program here!

    • Developing Sustainable Business Models and Managing Societal Transition

      This course focused on the issues of sustainability and sustainable development from both a business and a societal perspective. It was targeted at practitioners from contexts facing sustainability and innovation challenges, such as social entrepreneurs, managers in the private, public, and voluntary sectors, analysts, consultants, and board members. Two input-oriented online modules were complemented by an application-oriented intensive three-day bootcamp in Toulouse.

      Leading partnersNHH Norwegian School of EconomicsUniversité Toulouse 1 Capitole

      When: May 9 to June 9, 2023

      Read more about this program here!

    • Design Thinking with ENGAGE.EU: Foster Your Innopreneurial Competencies by Developing Sustainable Business Models for the Future of Education

      This program consisted of online sessions on the development of sustainable business models and guest lectures from practitioners in the field. In the second stage, participants worked on a challenge sponsored by an NGO active in the educational sector to experiment with and apply their new perspectives and knowledge to a specific case. During the online bootcamp, they additionally got to know the design thinking methodology and collaborate with peers from different backgrounds in an international setting to discuss and co-create ideas, prototypes, and potential solutions.

      Leading partners: WU Vienna, Tilburg University

      When: May 22 to June 26, 2023

      Read more about this program here!

ENGAGE.EU is an alliance of leading European universities in business, economics, and the social sciences that strives to equip European citizens with the skills and competencies they need to address major societal challenges. These existing and emerging challenges, such as digitization and AI, climate change, aging societies, and migration, must be successfully tackled to safeguard a sustainable and prosperous future. 

Lecturers (among many more):

Prof. Dr. Patrick Kenis

Professor at Tilburg University

- Health & Education
- Management & Organization

More Information

Portrait Erik Beulen

Prof. Erik Beulen

Professor at Tilburg University

- Accounting & Control,
- Information Technology
- Management & Organization

More Information

Portrait Marc Vermeulen

Prof. Marc Vermeulen

Professor at Tilburg University

- Health & Education
- Strategy & Innovation

More information

Tina Saebi Portrait

Tina Saebi

Associate Professor at NHH Norwegian School of Economics

- Organization & Management
- Business Models & Innovation
- International Strategy

More information

Björn Schmeisser Portrait

Björn Schmeisser

Associate Professor at NHH Norwegian School of Economics

- Strategy & Organization of Multinational Corporations 
- International Business & Management
- Global Strategy 

More information

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