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Hot Topics in Finance

Hot Topics in Finance

The 2021 World investment Report (UNCTAD, 2021) highlighted the important role of project finance not only in mobilizing private financing post-pandemic recovery but also its unrivalled importance in infrastructure investment. Allowing high risk, high impact investments in developing and project finance is uniquely positioned to generate sustainable growth and contribute to sustainable development goals (SDGs). Within project finance, the segment of ESG investment has been the primary driver of post-pandemic growth.

This International Immersion aimed at providing the students an interdisciplinary view by combining project finance and sustainable investment (ESG) persepctives. Students were diving into the topic with academic sessions and the application of theory knowledge onto real life project finance cases, thaught over the course of 3 days at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, followed by company visits in New York.

Study Plan Immersion Hot Topics in Finance

World Class Academic Sessions at Harvard University

After having a private tour of Harvard University and the city of Boston, the students got to dive into the topics of international stakeholder engagement, political risk management, project finance and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governmental) in the premises of the prestigious university, including a dinner with the opportunity to network and connect with peers, professors and experts.

Pic of students wandering around Harvard
The students explored the Harvard campus...
Pic of students in front of a Harvard Building
...and soaked in the academic spirit of a world-class university.

Hot Topics in Practice: Company Visits in New York

Following the academic sessions and expert talks at Harvard University, the International Immersion moved on to New York, for visiting companies like Refinitiv, Lenzing Group, Advantage Austria USA and the Consulate General of Austria, to discuss how the hot topics impact the businesses operating in their respective fields.

Group picture at The Edge in NYC
Besides company visits, sightseeing was not left out: here at The Edge
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