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Advisory Board Members | MBA in Energy Management | WU

MBA in Energy Management advisory board

Cooperation with leading experts

The MBA Energy Management was designed in close cooperation with the leading experts from both renewable and classical energy industries. Their wealth of knowledge and direct involvement makes our program so special, together with a wonderful location in Vienna.

Academic knowledge and management practice

The only one of its kind in the world, it brings together the best in both academic knowledge and management practice in the energy field in its advisory board and faculty. Moreover, these experts help us to make this program the best worldwide.


Members of the advisory board

  • Dr. Majid Al-Moneef – Member of the Supreme Economic Council & Secretary General of the Supreme
    Economic Council of Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Heinz Leuenberger – Director, UNIDO
  • Dr. Adnan Shihab-Eldin – Former Secretary General of OPEC, Director General of Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences
  • Rainer Wieltsch, MBA – Former Head of the Supervisory Board, OMV
  • Dr. Rainer Reich – Former Partner & Managing Director, BCG
  • Ivan Sandrea – CEO, Sierra Oil & Gas
  • Dr. Michael Pistauer – Former CEO, Verbund
  • Jesus Rodriguez – Former Investment Officer, OFID
  • Lucille Langlois – Former Representative of the IAEA
  • Dr. Ibibia Lucky Worika – Legal Advisor (Natural Resources), Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Marianne Osterkorn, Ph.D. – Director General Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (retired)
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