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Didactic Teaching Design | Professional MBAs | Part-Time MBA

Didactic Teaching Design for Professional MBA Program

Didactic design

The Professional MBA’s didactic design ensures efficient knowledge transfer while participants continue to pursue their career. Pedagogical approaches vary, ranging from interactive case studies to business simulations and formal presentations. 

The Professional MBA consists of consecutive blocked modules, each divided into Pre-Module, Core-Module and Post-Module.

    • Core-Module (In-Class, 4-days or 8-days)

      In-class time:

      For the Business Core you can choose between two tracks, based on your personal preference: modules of Ø 4 days or modules of Ø 8 days. The specialization consists of modules of Ø 4 days.

      • Benchmarking sessions
      • Individual and group  presentations
      • Business simulations
      • Individual and/or group case work
      • Breakout sessions
      • Case discussions
      • Lecture sessions
      • Other
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