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Welcome to the WU Executive Academy Female Leaders Network

By women, for women: support for business women

At the WU EA Female Leaders Network, we aim to unite WU Executive Academy female students and alumnae. We have created this platform to support each other in our personal and professional development.

Let's unite, communicate, network, share, celebrate diversity,  inclusion,... and empower each other, according to our mission statement “Together we are stronger”!

What we offer

We offer various events to meet, network and gain valuable knowledge throughout the year. Presentations with top-notch guest speakers and red-hot topics, business breakfasts, empowering workshops as well as informal after-work get-togethers give us the opportunity to network and to support each other on business ideas, during moments of change and as mentors. We want to learn from our experiences and recommend each other whenever possible, and much more.

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Many thanks go to Novartis Pharma for supporting our events in 2020.

Female Leaders Network

Our Testimonials

Barbara Stöttinger, Dean of WU Executive Academy

"The Female Leaders Network is the perfect showcase of how students and alumni can leverage their MBA network to the fullest. The initiative comes out of the network of our great female students and alumnae, is powered by them and grows every day with every initiative to become stronger and stronger. We at the WU Executive Academy are proud to facilitate and happy to see this seed growing so fast. What is really crucial for this network is that we create a forum for like-minded females, who share not only the experience of being a woman and female professional but also the transformative power of an MBA learning journey.”


Ada Fast-Iloduba, Professional MBA Marketing & Sales

“We need more initiatives like this one. I worked myself for a male-dominated group for a long time, and I know many women who face considerable challenges in this environment.”

Martina Ernst, network for women in management positions

Martina Ernst, Global Executive MBA

President of WU EA Female Leaders Network & Vice President IAB

Martina has 25+ years of experience in international senior management (Board-1) in the financial and language services industry. In the last 2.5 years Martina has become 500+ Yoga teacher and has founded her own business as consultant, trainer & coach in all career & salary-related topics/cross-cultural leadership/diversity & change management.

As president of the Female Leaders Network my mission is to build a vibrant community of female leaders, to leverage on our diversity to foster our female growth, to strengthen our courage and stamina and to support our success stories….while enjoying the beauty of being a WOMAN in business.

Adela Mehic-Dzanic, network for women in leadership positions

Adela Mehic-Dzanic, Professional MBA

Vice-President of WU EA Female Leaders Network

Adela has 8+ years of international experience in leading sales and business development in the telecommunication and Internet of things (IoT) industry. Adela is currently leading the business development team at the software company specialized in the IoT industry for the largest, Tier-1 telecom operators in the world. Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation accelerated her career and opened new opportunities to expand my professional network, enhance her leadership skills and management know-how.

As the Vice President of the Female Leaders Network, she is committed to serving the WU MBA Alumnae across the globe and finding the right tools to support them on taking their career to the next level.

Anita Kirilova, Network for women in executive functions

Anita Kirilova, Global Executive MBA

Founder and Board Member of WU EA Female Leaders Network

Anita is a passionate business leader with more than 20 years of experience in leading people and organizations. She has a solid background and proven successful track record in strategies development and deployment, change management, talent identification and improvement, project launches from the beginning to the end. She holds the “Best Woman Sales director Europe 2015” award from Woman in a Sales organization. Currently, Anita is a Distribution Head of a worldwide life insurance provider, managing B2B and B2C lines of business and taking care at a national level for 200+ people. 

“In the world when the expectation is women to work like they do not have children and raise children as they do not work, females need other females to help them. Female Leaders Network is a place for support, sharing and developing together further both personally and professionally.”

Christa Gschweitl, Network for women in managerial positions

Christa Gschweitl, Global EMBA

Founder and Board Member of WU EA Female Leaders Network

Christa is a hands-on, results-oriented legal advisor and capacity builder in mobility and infrastructure project realization with 20 years of experience in cross-section working with strong technical understanding; her recognized expertise also comprises quality control and business development.

“Female Leaders Network is defined by our motto “Together we are stronger”. We are contributing our experience and sharing our professional expertise as alumnae and students of WU Executive Academy in order to enhance a vibrant community of female leaders. Combining lifelong top-notch professional education and practical, down-to-earth advice by female leaders for female leaders is our aim.”

Elisabeth Ebner, Network for women in senior positions

Elisabeth Ebner, Global Executive MBA

Board Member of WU EA Female Leaders Network

Elisabeth is an energetic and passionate leader with more than 15 years’ experience in B2B marketing in technical industries. Currently, Head of Marketing at the global market leader for online water quality monitoring systems s::can, she is known for her willpower and making the impossible possible. Next to her corporate career, she loves to teach Yoga and to help other business professionals finding balance in life.

“With our network, we are providing a platform to exchange with fellow female leaders. It is a vibrant community of unique, outstanding individuals, willing to support each other on our professional journey and help each other grow.”

Olena Khlon, Network for women in positions of leadership

Olena Khlon, Global Executive MBA

Board Member of WU EA Female Leaders Network

Olena is an internationally recognized business development and sales leader with 10+ years of expertise in banking, consulting and consumer finance industries. She held senior positions different companies in CEE, SEE and APAC markets. Successfully transformed and grew business in both stable organizations and start-ups. Loves and is able to make impossible possible.  She currently enjoys her maternity leave with a little boy Mat and a charming girl Mia.

"I see WUEA Female Leaders Network as an organization where ladies can get inspiration, business and personal support, find and share new ideas and make good friends. Why all this is needed? To make a short pause and to get a proof that all what we as busy ladies do makes sense and leads us to success and to assure us we can do more than we think!"

Ozlem Sensin, Founder and board member of the WU EA Female Leaders Network

Ozlem Şensin, Global EMBA 2018

Founder and Board Member of WU EA Female Leaders Network

Ozlem has 18+ years of experience in increasingly senior roles in financial services industry. Extensive local and international experience in wealth management, private banking businesses - product and segment management fields.

“At WU Executive Academy Female Leaders Network, we aim to connect WU Executive Academy female students, alumnae and create a platform for the exchange of information and ideas, and support personal and professional development.”

Priyanka Dutta Passecker, Network for women in decision-making positions

Priyanka Dutta Passecker , Global Executive MBA

Founder and Board Member of WU EA Female Leaders Network

Priyanka is a trained neuroscientist with a Ph.D. from Trinity College Dublin, with deep experience in business development, who is applying her experience in the pharmaceutical field and her entrepreneurial passion to commercialize emerging innovations by leveraging on state-of-the-art business applications. She has 12+ years of professional experience in the life sciences with a demonstrated competency to drive profitability through strategic growth and her scientific expertise. She has a keen interest in coaching and enabling women from STEM (Science, Technology, and Engineering & Mathematics) particularly from emerging nations, as she believes women are critical to the progress of a nation. Priyanka draws her inspiration from the South-African word "Ubuntu", which means "'I am what I am because of who we all are" and finds that our success is an outcome of our combined efforts.

“We are hoping to use the framework of female leaders’ network to nurture and advance the individual aspirations while creating a welcoming and sharing environment for intellectual females for future success and development”.

Our history

The WU Executive Academy Female Leaders Network (WU EA FLN) was formed as an informal, self-organized body in September 2018 by the founding board members to unite WU Executive Academy female students and alumnae. The initiative kicked-off during a get-together event with the participation of international branding and innovation expert Professor Carmen Abril as guest speaker. The event was extremely well received and followed by further events and gatherings with Career Expert Doris Hofmeister, Diversity & Inclusion Expert Josefine van Zanten and many more. Less than 1, 5 years after the founding the network already has grown to 240 members, and still expands every day.

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