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Lifelong learning

Stay up-to-date with our various lifelong learning initiatives. Your learning journey does not end at graduation. It never stops, it is life long.

Keep evolving

Our executive education department is your partner for customized leadership and management development programs and short programs.

Be up-to-date

Grow your network by joining our community events like students & WU EA lounges and Reunions.

Broaden your expertise - open modules

As a member of our community you are eligible to book modules or residencies at a special rate. Come back to your alma mater and enhance not only your knowledge, but also your network. 

Choose the module you are interested in and get up to speed without completing an entire degree.

Below you find an overview of the open modules that are currently offered.

Registration: wuexecutiveclub(at)

    • Global Energy Markets and Market Relations

      MODULE: Global Energy Markets and Market Relations
      LECTURER: Bassam Fattouh, PhD
      DATE:  November 2019
      FEE: € 2,000

      This module focuses on structural developments and main drivers in oil and gas markets. Students will identify main players, their behavior over time, and their influence on supply-demand balances as well as on prices. Furthermore you will develop an approach to valuing reserves in oil and gas fields and assess the risk and opportunities faced by companies that are investing in promising but unstable countries.

    • Entrepreneurial Leadership

      MODULE: Entrepreneurial Leadership
      LECTURER: Prof. Robert D. Hisrich, Ph.D.
      DATE: October 2019
      FEE: €1,600

      This course focuses also on new venture creation in a high-tech business from the view of practical experience – both within a large international company as well as an SME-start-up. Based on 3 “real-life case studies” the most important aspects of starting and growing a new international business will be presented. The students will be involved in developing new business scenarios based on different decisions in the business development process.

    • Integrated Marketing Communications

      MODULE: Integrated Marketing Communications
      LECTURER: Prof. Carmen Abril
      DATE: exact date tbd (autumn 2019)
      FEE: €1,600

      The module seeks to highlight the theories, principles and practices of marketing communications within a managerial framework. The module will examine how marketing communications work, how to plan and develop integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaigns and how to measure their effects.

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