WU Executive Academy will support students to facilitate the entry visas needed for their study program.

Attendance at Regular Classes

Our Program Managers provide “invitation letters” upon request for the regular classes in Vienna. With this document, students can go to the appropriate government agency and apply for a visa. Please inform yourself in advance about the visa application requirements.

Attendance at International Residencies

In order to apply for visas for international residencies, students receive “invitation letters” from our partner universities and/or “hotel confirmations.” Please find out if there are entry restrictions for your country and if you fulfil all formal prerequisites and apply for a "Tourist Visa". A visa service is provided to students who permanently live in Austria.

PLEASE NOTE: For the Global Executive MBA international residency in the USA a “Student Visa” is required; applying for this specific “Student Visa” will invalidate all currently-existing American visas of the applicant.

Entry and Residence - Austria

The type of residence permit required, depends on your country of origin and the duration of your stay in Austria. Please find the most relevant information here.

Work and residence after completing studies - "Red-White-Red Card"

Graduates of an MBA or Master of Laws program at the WU Executive Academy (EU and third countries) can apply for a "Red-White-Red Card" under specific conditions.

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