Why experienced business leaders prefer a Global Executive MBA

November 29, 2018

Prospective Executive MBA students should consider a global MBA program to ensure they are adequately prepared for the current business landscape.


Many talented business people are completing MBA degrees in a bid to enhance their skill sets, becoming irreplaceable assets in the workplace. The continuing trends of increased globalization and international cooperation in business make it essential for ambitious professionals pursuing MBA degrees to receive extensive education in not only management and economics, but in building relationships and trust with corporate representatives from all over the world.

A global executive MBA program, such as the one on offer at WU Executive Academy, imparts this diversity of knowledge, and has the added benefit of allowing for concurrent continuation of an ongoing career. For experienced figures in the world of business, this is a winning combination.

Portrait Barbara Stoettinger

Prof. Barbara Stöttinger

  • Dean of the WU Executive Academy

Sustainable success depends on the right mix; this is also true with regard to MBA programs - the overall package must be compelling, and the Global Executive MBA definitely has a lot to offer!

Read on to learn why this avenue to career advancement is widely respected by top business leaders.

1.     A global executive MBA provides students with global business perspective

Students enrolled in a global executive MBA program will be immersed in the global business community, gaining excellent opportunities to develop relationships with fellow future business leaders from all over the world.

The "international residencies" you will complete while enrolled in WU Executive Academy's global executive MBA program are an important part of this immersion. During these parts of the curriculum, you will attend lectures at prominent educational institutions in Brazil, Argentina, China, India and America, and you will also visit prominent companies in each of these regions. This in-person exposure to foreign thought leaders, and the inner workings of companies that produce everything from food products to automobiles, will give you an idea of the challenges faced by various businesses operating in different regions of the globe, and the tactics they have developed to meet them. This will help inspire development of your own professional life.

Nicolas Rodriguez, an alumnus, found the visit to Sunfeiya Home Collection Co., Ltd in China very impressive.

Nicolas Rodriguez Giraldo, MBA

  • Alumnus | Regional Airlog Manager | Kuehne und Nagel Eastern Europe

The corporate visit gave us the chance to see how two companies with different backgrounds in terms of culture and mentality can join forces to create a really high performing entity. The combination of French know-how with the potential of the Chinese market is the basis for the success of the company.

For Prof. Barbara Stöttinger, the positive feedback and the smooth cooperation of all those involved testify to the fact that the residencies are a valuable and valued part of the program's curriculum: "No video, book or newspaper can teach our students the things they learn on-site in Brazil, Argentina, China, India and the USA."

2.     Students in a global MBA program can contribute new ideas immediately

Because the WU Executive Academy's executive MBA program requires only 40 days off from work over a 16 month period, students are able to complete the program while they work. This means that developing skills can be applied without delay, with improvements to the student's workplace arriving immediately.

Dmitry Osokin, an alumnus, supports this idea.

Dmitry Osokin, MBA

  • Alumnus | Senior Marketing Manager Indications EMEA Subregion South-East | Roche Pharmaceuticals | Austria

The MBA has changed my perspectives on business and work, for instance through interactions with fellow students and professors when solving cases and talking about different industries and markets we were in. The new knowledge resulted in new approaches and ideas at work. That proved to be a win-win situation because both the company and I benefited from the new knowledge I could bring – first through new solutions and viewpoints, then results, recognition and eventually a promotion.

Students working on tablet
Students can immediately apply their education to their workplace activity

Students in the global executive MBA program are exposed to new business trends from around the world, improving their ability to refine existing processes, and developing more effective workplace leadership skills. As a result, not only will you benefit from this education, but your workplace and colleagues will also benefit from your new skills. In fact, a single great improvement resulting from your global executive MBA education could have significant and lasting benefits.

3.     Global executive MBA programs lead to extensive worldwide networks

After graduating from WU Executive Academy's global MBA program you are immediately inducted into a community of diverse, driven alumni from around the world. This opportunity to forge new connections with business and thought leaders with a similar educational background can lead to new opportunities for partnership and exchange, and allows you to participate in an exclusive and exciting marketplace of ideas on an ongoing basis.

"I am absolutely delighted with the way the Global Executive MBA has developed over the years. Our alumni are to be found not only in the Singaporean health-care sector, Russian telecommunications companies, Slovak banks, Canadian technology firms and Swiss pharmaceutical companies but also in Austrian businesses that are steeped in tradition and in innovative start-ups," adds Prof. Stöttinger.

The world of business is not one of stagnancy, and inclusion in this sort of dynamic group allows you and the company for which you work to remain at the forefront of business development and to take advantage of innovative ideas before they become commonplace.

Group work
Relationships established through global executive MBA programs provide lasting benefits

Though there are many avenues to MBA education, the opportunity for continued exposure to global ideas, and to build off of those ideas immediately, sets a global executive MBA degree apart as the option of choice for business leaders looking for progress.

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