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AI Transforming Business

Welcome to the World of Artificial Intelligence

In a world shaped by constant progress and technological innovation, artificial intelligence has taken on an increasingly important role. From data-driven marketing to the optimization of supply chains and big data to the automation of internal business processes - the possible applications of AI technologies in companies are diverse and are leading to profound changes in our working world.

Given this development, it is crucial to become knowledgeable about the basics of artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques. Participating in a continuing education program at the WU Executive Academy offers the ideal opportunity to deepen your knowledge in the field of AI and machine learning. Use the potential of smart algorithms now!

A Practical AI Course

This AI course takes you from the basic concepts of machine learning to the practical implementation of AI solutions for your company. Since the success of artificial intelligence depends on many factors and requires an individual approach, we offer you holistic support in the implementation of your personalized AI strategy.

Over the course of 6 online sessions and 1 day on campus, you will gain the knowledge to plan and manage the implementation of generative AI in your company and you will learn how to use its potential to optimize business processes.

From Vision to Implementation: Develop Your Own AI Project

The AI course at WU Executive Academy focuses on the development of an individual AI project. After a practice-based introduction to technical basics and critical reflection on legal and ethical aspects, participants learn how to use, design and work on their own artificial intelligence project.

Our experienced lecturers will accompany you through every project stage, from the initial idea to a successful implementation. They will support you not only as seasoned experts, but also as skilled mentors.

Use this opportunity to fully exploit the potential of artificial intelligence and lead your company into a successful future.

What You Will Learn in Our AI Course:

  • technical and theoretical basics of AI

  • how to ethically use AI in our society

  • what benefits AI can bring to your organization

  • practical strategies for the use of AI in your organization

  • everything you need to know about implementing your own AI project

    • Contents

      Module 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

      • AI Basics

      • Problemsolving by searching

      • Adversial Search and games

      • Uncertainty quantification

      • Classification and Clustering

      • Neural Networks

      • AI Applications

      Module 2: Governance and ethics

      • AI Governance

      • AI Ethics

      • AI Literacy

      • AI Act and regulations

      Module 3: AI for Business

      • Use cases

      • Implementation of AI in organizations

      Module 4: Application of AI

      • AI-Showcase

      • Best-Pactices

      • Definition of an individual project structure


      • Development of your own pilot project

      • Know-how from our AI experts

      • Feedback from the peer group

    • Schedule

      Module 1: November 11 - November 13, 2024 | 2:00 pm - 6:30 pm

      Module 2: November 14, 2024 | 2:00 pm - 6:30 pm

      Module 3: November 26, 2024 | 2:00 pm - 6:30 pm

      Module 4: November 28, 2024 | 2:00 pm - 6:30 pm

      Workshop: January 16, 2025 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

    • Target group

      The AI course particularly focuses on the following target groups:

      • Individuals from middle management who aspire a career in AI or are already responsible for the strategic direction and sustainable implementation of AI in their company.

      • Executives from various industries and departments who are interested in learning how to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their business processes.

      • Employees of SMEs who would like to improve their understanding of AI as part of a hands-on course and want to learn about the application of AI for their business model.

    • Certificate

      After successfully completing the "AI Transforming Business" course, you will earn a certificate from the renowned WU Executive Academy.

    • Daniel Dan Portrait

      Daniel Dan

      External Lecturer

      More information

      Martin Giesswein

      Co-Founder Talent Garden Vienna 2017/18,

      DigitalCity.Wien Co-initiator, Exit-CEO Immobilien.NET 2014

      Author, Podcaster, Keynote Speaker

      More information:

      Alin Kalam

      Alin Kalam

      - International lecturer and keynote speaker

      - Head of AI Coordination & Market Intelligence at UNIQUA Insurance Group

      Amir Tabakovic

      Amir Tabakovic

      Lecturer and consultant for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    • Do I need previous experience in the filed of artificial intelligence?

      No specific prior knowledge in data science or computer science is required to participate in the AI course at the WU Executive Academy. The practice-oriented course is suitable for both beginners and those already knowledgeable of AI.

    • Why are AI skills important in today's world?

      In the modern business world, artificial intelligence skills are crucial for innovation, competitiveness and increased efficiency. They allow, for example, the development of new products and services, improve data analysis and help to overcome complex challenges.

    • How can I use AI in my job?

      Working with artificial intelligence offers various advantages in today's working environment. You can, for example, use AI tools in your work to automate processes, process data more efficiently, understand customer needs and make informed decisions. Thanks to these opportunities, AI can make a significant contribution to increasing productivity and strengthening a company's competitiveness. Sign up and discover what positive changes the integration of AI can bring to your company.

    • 125 Years of Teaching Experience

      • Prestigious academic pioneer: There are reasons why thousands of students from over 100 countries choose to study at the WU Vienna. Europe’s largest business university takes its responsibility to forge tomorrow’s leaders very seriously. Our unique vision of intelligent, sustainable leadership offers a significant competitive advantage in international business.

      • Top international faculty: Our faculty comprises an exclusive pool of some of the finest academic and business management minds around the globe. They are offering a wealth of real-world experience in leading international companies.

      • Research-led teaching: The quality of didactic content exerts a significant influence on the success of individuals, companies and, society as a whole. The foundation of curated, ongoing research guarantees the efficacy of our programs.

      • Leveraging cutting-edge theory into business practice: The core expertise we offer derives from an intensive and focused exchange with a range of business sectors and industries. This results in a proven hybrid of cutting-edge research and rock-solid, effective business practice.

      • Triple accreditation: The WU Vienna is one of only a few business universities worldwide awarded prestigious triple accreditation, confirming our place among the world’s elite.

      • High international rankings: We are justifiably proud of our top positions in leading international rankings.

      • Custom-designed learning environment: In the middle of a campus rich with award-winning architecture, the WU Executive Academy stands out. Our stunning, new building is custom-designed to provide the ultimate modern learning environment.

    • Study in the Heart of Europe

      • Beautiful study location - Vienna: An incomparable fusion of past and present, Vienna is a stunning place to work and study. Austria’s capital city pairs superb, modern infrastructure with art, architecture, culture, and cuisine. Consistently ranked among the most liveable cities in the world. Vienna is a thriving, accessible, central European hub for business, and home to numerous large corporations and international organizations.

    • Join a Diverse Network

      • Selected peer group: A challenging, stimulating environment is essential to maximize the benefits of our programs. Participants join a carefully selected, proactive group of like-minded, dynamic, responsible leaders. Together they question, discuss and debate the cases and solutions presented. The professional network built during your studies will continue to support your career long after you complete your learning journey.

      • Multicultural synergies: It would be absurd to study in a way or in an environment which did not reflect the most basic reality of international business. The broad range of nationalities and cultural backgrounds constituting the peer group contributes further to the added value of our programs. Offering a thought-provoking richness of perspectives.

      • Diverse industries and roles: The executives and managers who study at the WU Executive Academy come from a range of industries and companies. They play the most varied roles within these organizations. This diversity combines to offer an additional wealth of exciting insights into the challenges of the fast-paced, modern world of international business.

      • Varied, stimulating perspectives: Your colleagues’ diverse perspectives and the solutions you evolve combine to challenge you to consider things from a different perspective. A dynamic synergy arises within the peer group and your individual attitude evolves to an advanced level of innovative openness.

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