Senior Leadership Program - Leading in Senior Management

Agile leadership - become a pioneer of the 21st century

The world is constantly changing and accelerating. Globalization, digitization and automation are challenging the economy, people, organizations, and those who control, keep them together and lead them into the future - managers.

What do self-reflective, courageous, and emotionally intelligent executives need to keep their balance in the VUCA environment? What does it take to lead an organization securely? Above all, it takes one thing - the ability to deal with ambivalences, uncertainties, and change. It needs pioneers. It needs you!

Leadership is often moderation and communication work. The traditional "command and control" model has stopped being useful and top-down control has reached its limits. As the hierarchies of the 20th century crumble, the call for new "agile" models gets louder and louder. One thing is clear: rigid systems lack the flexibility - but agility alone is not an answer. The solution can only lie in the careful preparation of the future leaders and in the adaptability and changeability of organizations and their employees.

Refresh your leadership understanding

This program helps you and your organization to (re)discover what you stand for, how you can keep pace with this seemingly crazy global environment, how you motivate yourself and inspire others to be creative and innovative to discover new markets and opportunities, and how you bring more passion to your life and workplace.

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