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Alumni Talks: What will the Right MBA do for Female Executives?

January 26, 2021

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MBA advice from a woman in a white blazer - Online MBA Infosession

According to the latest statistics, the companies that perform best financially have the greatest number of women in leadership roles. However, women are still behind their male counterparts both in position and pay. The good news is that executive education is one of the best ways to overcome this dilemma. Although an MBA cannot guarantee an open door to the C-suite, it is still a powerful way for a woman to invest in herself, her career and her future in order to surpass barriers to success.

The alumna Evelina Mitenova, CFA, MBA, will be sharing her experience of the MBA and what she got out of it.

Join this free online info-session if you want to learn more about:

  • the career boost an MBA and a Master of Laws provides for women
  • our special scholarship for women
  • the work-life balance during your studies
  • how the WU Executive Academy supports you - not only during studies but also after graduation
  • the WU EA Female Leaders Network

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