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Business Breakfast "Neuroscience"

May 24, 2019

"The effects of neuroscience on corporate learning and company culture"

Andy Habermacher is one of Europe’s leading experts on Neuroscience and Neuroleadership. His academic work  focusses on the brain, learning processes, desicion making and human emotional needs and drives. 


Join us for an impulse speech by Andy and an interactive interview where we discuss current findings on neuroscience and its implications for corporate learning, corporate culture and leadership. 

  • Why is the way we learn today completely contrary to what our brain actually needs?
  • What do we need to change within corporate learning to support learning processes?
  • Which effects can "wrong" learning have on a corporate culture?

Andy Habermacher

Andy is an expert on neuroleadership – applying the knowledge of human neuroscience to workplace performance. He is an author of several books focused on the neuroscientific and psychological aspects of workplace performance, health, engagement, leadership.

We will take pictures/videos during the event. These will be used in our online and offline communication activities.

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