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Global Peter Drucker Forum


Vienna Imperial Palace Michaelerkuppel, 1010 Vienna, Austria

The focus of this year’s Drucker Forum is the topic "management . the human dimension".

„What would robots do if humans took over?“ The joky question posed by Shagun Tripathi at the Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017 raises a fundamental issue. It prompts us to remember that the economy, technology, business and government are not givens – they are shaped by human choice. Yet it also forces us to recognize that the human perspective has been increasingly sidelined in the way we think about and enact the relations between technologyand society, leaving the most precious, human, potential undervalued and underused. „Taking over“ means actively shaping the organizations of the future and taking on a different mindset: Should leaders in the 21st century become as good in understanding the human dimension as they are in grasping the latest scientific discovery, technology or management technique? Should they be able to frame challenges differently and ask different questions? At best, should we more actively manage the creation of our own future?


You can find the program outline here.


As partner of the Global Peter Drucker Forum 2018 we are proud to offer our students and alumni a special discount off the participation fee for this event.

In addition, you can also book the pre-conference day individually or jointly with the conference at reduced prices.

To secure your cooperation partner conference pass at a special rate, please register here.

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