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Leaders of the 21st Century


The event is about the „human dimension“ of leadership and will focus on how aspects like mindfulness, selflessness and compassion can help leaders in dealing with the challenges of the 21st century.


Rasmus Hougaard, founder and managing director of Potential Project, and speaker at this year's Global Peter Drucker Forum, will present his new book „The Mind of the Leader“ and give a short keynote speech, followed by an interactive discussion with the following panelists:

Dr. Friedhelm Boschert (Mindful Solutions)

Rasmus Hougaard (Potential Project)

Univ.Prof. Michael Müller-Camen, Ph.D. (WU, Institute for Human Resource Management)

Cornelius Pietzner (Mind and Life Europe, Alterra Impact Finance)


Moderated by: Helga Pattart-Drexler, M.A. (WU Executive Academy)


The event will be concluded with finger food and the opportunity to engage in further discussions with the panelists and participants.

We've asked Rasmus Hougaard 3 questions about Leadership in the 21st century in this short video:

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