The Power of Pause

October 27, 2021

Stress management at work with Sabina Brennan

[Translate to English:] Ein Mann im Anzug schaut auf seine Uhr am Handgelenk

We have an exciting event coming up to transform your everyday brain into a super brain through work, rest, and play.

Former soap actress Sabina Brennan has the great talent to translate complex neuroscience into easy-to-understand content that is interesting, and entertaining.


Moreover, she will offer practical tips on how to improve sleep, manage stress, and beat brain fog.


Join to get useful insights about:

  • why your brain thrives on challenge and is built for change
  • the harm of insufficient, poor-quality sleep  and chronic stress 
  • how to exit the vicious cycle of more stress and less sleep
  • nature’s natural stress buster
  • which activities really are an antidote to stress and anxiety

Sabina's talk is going to be followed by a Q&A part, where we would love to welcome you and your brain.

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