Alumni Ambassadors

What are the WU EA Alumni Ambassadors?

Our Class Ambassadors can continue their engagement after graduation as Alumni Ambassadors. They are important and valuable multipliers in the WU Executive Club. If the Class Ambassadors don’t wish to continue as Alumni Ambassadors, other motivated and committed alumnae and alumni can take over this role.

What does the Alumni Ambassador do?

The Alumni Ambassadors strengthen the link between the MBA cohorts and the Community Engagement Team. As the main contact person for alumni, current and prospective students, they will gather updates on their peers’ career moves. Once or twice a year they will contact their cohorts for any career updates and encourage them to update their data on WU EA Connect, the platform that Alumni Ambassadors regularly use. They can get-togethers and promote events within the community, as well as engage with participants at events.

Why Alumni Ambassadors? What is the benefit of being one?

The Alumni Ambassadors will help transform the Executive MBA cohorts into active communities, so everyone within can find possibilities to get involved in networking and further learning. Alumni Ambassadors, achieve personal growth, enjoy the commitment and engagement in this community, strengthen their network, establish valuable contacts, and receive first-hand insights into their alma mater.

How can I get engaged as an Alumni Ambassador?

As a motivated and engaged alumni, interested in getting involved as an Alumni Ambassador, please contact us for further information and to apply at: wuexecutiveclub(at) The selection criteria include the aspects of your willingness to engage in the community, readiness to invest some time, minimum event attendance, and motivational statement.

Alumni Ambassadors

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