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Who We Are: Empowered Leaders, Connected Minds and Hearts

At the WU Executive Academy Female Leaders Network (WU EA FLN), we are dedicated to uniting WU Executive Academy female students and alumnae. We have created this platform with a vision to connect and support members of our network on their professional and personal journeys. But our mission goes beyond that - we are a dynamic and diverse community of almost 2,000 members from over 71 different nationalities that welcomes and empowers individuals of all genders to make a meaningful impact and more equitable future for all. 

Our mission is clear: "Together we are stronger” which is based on our values to inspire, care and connect. We are driven by the desire to foster growth, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among WU Executive Academy students and alumnae, creating an inclusive space for collective success.

    • 1. Breakfast Events

      We value our strong and empathic community and foster it by regular opportunities to connect and care. A popular format to refresh friendships, exchange business ideas and meet sparring partners in an informal setting are our regular breakfast events. We come together, have breakfast, inspire and motivate each other, solve problems, create ideas for tomorrow and leave with this positive energy of mutual empowerment. Watch our WUEA newsletter and our LinkedIn page for upcoming dates. We look forward to meeting you there. 

    • 2. Mentoring4U - for Shared Growth

      As a community that values support and growth, our dedicated board members offer mentoring opportunities for our students and alumni seeking guidance in their professional lives. Whether it's career advancement, leadership development, or overcoming challenges, our mentors provide personalized insights and valuable support to nurture individual growth and success.

      Mentoring4U experiences

    • 3. Career Advice – Virtual Career Days

      Together with international career experts, members of the WUEA Female Leaders Network support our community with the advice on broad range of career development topics as well as on very personal career issues such as female career sparing, female empowerment, salary negotiations, sustainable leadership, digital skills, international career and figuring out on the next amazing career step among other. 

      Read more on our Virtual Career Days

    • 4. Celebrating Success – presenting role models of our community 

      We honour our pioneering businesswomen who redefined success. Their determination, ingenuity, and drive show that every ambitious woman has limitless potential. Our network recognises these extraordinary leaders who paved the way for future women in business. Their stories show determination and the importance of fostering women's success. 

      Learn more about our community members in the Career Success Stories
      Get insights into our Community News

Events That Inspire, Open to All 

We take pride in organizing thought-provoking events on various themes, covering hot topics in today's ever-evolving business world. Our events are inclusive, inviting participants from diverse backgrounds and genders to contribute to meaningful discussions and professional development. We are bringing industry experts, influential speakers, and leaders under one roof, creating a unique space for insightful conversations.

Some of the topics we've covered so far: Embracing Equity, Future of Healthcare, Personal Finance, Sustainable Leadership, Digital Transformation, Promoting Diversity in the Workplace.

How to connect with us?

Are you a WU Executive Academy student or graduate eager to make an impact and connect with like-minded professionals? We welcome you to join our thriving network, where inspiration, collaboration, and empowerment converge.

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Female Leaders Network

Our Testimonials

Katarina Stanisavljevic Portrait

Katarina Stanisavljevic

MBA Marketing & Sales 2017
President of the WU EA Female Leaders Network

"I have always experienced exceptional sparing, empowerment, generous support and care in our community. Witnessing and celebrating success of our members who are changing the world by founding biotech companies, writing books and just being emphatic leaders against all odds is fuelling me with the greatest energy and motivation."

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Ozlem Şensin Portrait

Ozlem Şensin

Global Executive MBA 2018
Vice President and Founder of the WU EA Female Leaders Network

“At WU Executive Academy Female Leaders Network, our mission is to empower, connect, and elevate. We foster meaningful connections among WU Executive Academy female students and alumnae, providing a dynamic platform for the exchange of invaluable information, ideas, and insights. Together, we support each other's personal and professional development, paving the way for growth and success in our diverse fields.”

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Martina Ernst Portrait

Martina Ernst

Global Executive MBA 2007
Board Member of the WU EA Female Leaders Network

"As a board member of the Female Leaders Network, my mission is to encourage our vibrant community of female leaders, to leverage on our diversity to foster our female growth, to strengthen our courage and stamina and to support our success stories… while enjoying the beauty of being a WOMAN in business."

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Priyanka Dutta Passecker Portrait

Priyanka Dutta Passecker

Global Executive MBA 2018
Founder and Board Member of the WU EA Female Leaders Network

"As one of co-founder and Board member of the Female Leaders Network, my mission is to advocate positive change by upshifting many more female leaders, nurturing transformative ideas that impact the world alongside our members, and continually enhancing the path for healthcare."

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Karin Apjarova Portrait

Karin Apjarova

Global Executive MBA 2019
Board Member of the WU EA Female Leaders Network

"Our diverse community of female leaders is never about competition, but about future success and development fostered by empathy, lifting each other, fostering the exchange of advice, spotlighting female-led businesses, and female leaders.  Our community has a true growth mindset which empowers female leaders to be cultivated through efforts and gaining business exposure by promoting female leaders and celebrating their success.”

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Olena Khlon Portrait

Olena Khlon

Global Executive MBA 2016
Board Member of the WU EA Female Leaders Network

"I see WU EA Female Leaders Network as an organization where ladies can get inspiration, business and personal support, find and share new ideas and make good friends. Why all this is needed? To make a short pause and to get a proof that all what we as busy ladies do makes sense and leads us to success and to assure us we can do more than we think!"

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Nina Schweighofer Portrait

Nina Schweighofer

Global Executive MBA 2015
Board Member of the WU EA Female Leaders Network

“If it’s about finding a sparring partner for a new business idea, leveraging the network to take the next step, finding emotional support, coaching, mentoring, or simply having fun, it feels empowering to be connected to the WU EA FLN community. The WU EA FLN community is a platform to spread my vision of a modern collaborative, inclusive leadership style allowing for emotions and intuition and built on common purpose and trust rather than on control and corporate hierarchies. In my view life is not a zero-sum game, and together we are stronger.”

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Lilly Sommer Portrait

Lilly Sommer

MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2017
Board Member of the WU EA Female Leaders Network

“A network of leaders and mentors has been a powerful force in catapulting my personal and professional development forward. Amongst them is the WU Executive Academy Female Leaders Network, which provides an environment where women challenge and inspire each other to grow together. It’s a privilege to play an active role in fostering the network, creating value for our members and so giving back.”

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Natalia Villanueva García Portrait

Natalia Villanueva García

MBA Project Management 2018
Board Member of the WU EA Female Leaders Network

“The WU EA Female Leaders Network is a great avenue to integrate a more humanistic and person-centred approach to our personal and professional development. In every event and gathering you can feel the contagious uplifting vibes of this warmhearted group of women!”

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Ivana Zmikic Portrait

Ivana Zmikic

MBA Finance 2016
Board Member of the WU EA Female Leaders Network

“The WU EA Female Leaders Network is a place where authenticity and empowerment are highly supported. And this comes from strong leadership and the friendly spirit that is present in the group. It’s an honor for me to be an active member of the network. I want to build long-lasting connections and partnerships and to support the community by creating content and building opportunities for growth and development.”

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The One Who Inspires, Cares and Connects Us

Barbara Stöttinger Portrait

Barbara Stöttinger, Dean of the WU Executive Academy

"The Female Leaders Network is the perfect showcase of how students and alumni can leverage their network to the fullest. The initiative comes out of the network of our great female students and alumnae, is powered by them and grows every day with every initiative to become stronger and stronger. We at the WU Executive Academy are proud to facilitate and happy to see this seed growing so fast. What is really crucial for this network is that we create a forum for like-minded females, who share not only the experience of being a woman and female professional but also the transformative power of a learning journey.”

Our History and Contributors

The WU Executive Academy Female Leaders Network (WU EA FLN) began its journey in September 2018 as an informal, self-organized initiative, driven by the vision of our founding board members Anita Kirilova, Christa Gschweitl, Ozlem Şensin, Priyanka Dutta Passecker.

As we look back on our journey, we are thrilled to recognize and honour the individuals who have been with us from the very beginning, playing a pivotal role in shaping the foundation of the WU Executive Academy Female Leaders Network. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Christa Gschweitl (Global Executive MBA), co-founder and former board member of WU EA Female Leaders Network, Anita Kirilova, (Global Executive MBA) co-founder and former board member of the WU EA Female Leaders Network, Elisabeth Ebner (Global Executive MBA), former board member of WU EA Female Leaders Network and initiator of the LinkedIn page, and Adela Mehic-Dzanic (Professional MBA), former Vice President of the WU EA Female Leaders Network.

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Topics from our past events

Female Leaders Network Events

As Female Leaders Network we thrive on fostering connections and empowering women to excel in their roles. Our commitment to your growth is evident through the range of events we organize, designed to inspire, educate, and engage.

Throughout the year, we curate an exciting calendar of three to four events that cover diverse topics. These events overcome geographical boundaries, offering a fusion of in-person meetings at the WU Executive Academy in Vienna, complemented by live streaming, as well as exclusive online sessions. Our event formats are as diverse as our community, spanning dynamic panel discussions, thought-provoking talks, immersive training sessions, and interactive workshops.

To stay updated on our upcoming events and gain access to valuable insights, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn. We post updates and previews of what's in store, so you won't miss a beat.

On our LinkedIn page, you'll also find detailed event recaps, providing you with a glimpse into our past gatherings. For instance, in the past year, we hosted an array of events, which included:

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