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Partnership with Companies & HR | Business School in Vienna

Company & HR partnerships

Since its foundation, the WU Executive Academy has been a close partner of the business world. International and national corporations have been trusting our services:

  • High quality recruitment services

  • Wide range of executive and organisational development programs

  • Cutting edge research projects

  • Progressive networking initiatives

Are you looking for a top ranked business school? A business school that reaches an expansive international audience of future and current leaders through its portfolio of programs, services and academic activities? All this is available in the heart of Europe - in Vienna.

Executive Education

Leadership and personnel development programs, MBA, Master of Laws and certificate programs.

Corporate Partnership

Reach more than 3,000 national and international executives.


Find optimal candidates for your company among our students and alumni.

Corporate Seats

Finance seats in our executive education programs.

Employer Branding Options

Raise awareness within our exclusive student community. 

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