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Alumni Recruitment Opportunities | WU Executive Academy

Recruiting WU Executive Academy Alumni

The value of recruiting and retaining top talent is key for truly forward-thinking companies. Every year, over 400 high potentials and managers from over 30 nations are graduating from the WU Executive Academy’s executive education programs. By recruiting alumni from our executive education programs, you are rewarded with highly motivated talent, armed with new thinking and a unique understanding of management, leadership and industry know how.

Your recruiting partners

MBA and Master of Laws: If you are interested in recruiting our MBA and Master of Laws alumni our WU Executive Club team is happy to answer all your questions.

University Certificate Programs, BBA and Professional Master: For recruitment and job offers for graduates of our university certificate programs, the “akad.DiplombertriebswirtIn” (CBA) and the Professional Master, please get in touch with Judith Andersch.

Bachelor and MSc-Programs: If you want to recruit WU Bachelor and MSc. graduates, our colleagues from the WU ZBP Career Center are happy to assist you. More information on the WU ZBP Career Center.

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