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Tuition Payment Schedule & Options | MBA University Austria

Tuition payment schedule and options

You can make tuition payments by electronic bank transfer or Western Union Globalpay. Program tuition can be paid in total or in installments. Complete information regarding payment schedules will be provided in the materials.

To secure your place in the program, you need to transfer the agreed payment. A transfer by credit card or cash payment is not possible.

Examples of payment plans for Executive MBA programs

Global Executive MBA

Payment Plan Global Executive MBA

Executive MBA Bucharest

Payment Plan Executive MBA Bucharest

Executive MBA with Specialization Options

Payment Plan MBA
    • Payment by installments

      Payment by installments is another name for a deferred payment plan for tuition fees. Instead of paying the entire tuition sum up front, students can break it down into more management payments. Up to 3 payments are interest-free for our MBA students, which is equivalent to an interest-free loan upon graduation.

    • Bank Transfer

      All students can pay their fees by bank transfer. Please contact your Program Manager for further information about our account data and more.

    • Convera - Globalpay for students

      All international students can use our bank transfer platform "GlobalPay for Students", provided in partnership with Convera. This service is available to all international students and allows you to pay your tuition fees in your local currency and from your home bank account, without worrying about exchange rates or bank charges.

      You will have peace of mind that your payment will arrive quickly and in full.

      Benefits for you:

      • ​No transaction charges
      • Rate quoted is held for 72 hours
      • Favourable exchange rates compared to most banks
      • Reduced bank fees because transfer is initiated locally
      • Full payment amount received by the WU Executive Academy

      To make a payment through GlobalPay, click below:

We encourage you to discuss your financial options with the program manager. That way you can get the financial resources that best fit your needs.

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