Scholarships for Female Leaders

Start your professional development at the WU Executive Academy

Our aspiration at the WU Executive Academy is to support women in their professional development. An application for a "Female Leaders" scholarship is open to all female applicants - regardless of residence or citizenship.

What are the steps in the scholarship application process?

  • Profile check: find your individual education parth together with our education experts.
  • Online application: complete our convenient online application in 4 steps
  • Personal interview: in our personal interview, you get to know us and give us the opportunity to learn more about you
  • Decision and scholarship amount: After you've successfully completed the application process, we'll let you know promptly whether you will receive financial support and, if so, how much.

How are the scholarship recipients selected?

After receiving your application documents, you will be invited to a personal interview. During this interview, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your motivation and give us insights on your career goals as well as your potential contribution to the program. A committee evaluates all applications received and decides shortly after whether you will be awarded a scholarship and the amount of the scholarship.

What criteria do we use to decide?

In addition to financial need, the committee evaluates aspects such as: motivation, social competence and ability to work in teams, analytical skills, potential contribution to peer learning, diversity of the cohort, language proficiency, previous career track, and development potential.

When two candidates have similar profiles and motivation, priority is given to the one with the larger proven financial need.

Additional support

If you would like to get assistance in the scholarship application process, the members of our Female Leaders Network are happy to answer your questions. The Female Leaders Network is a dedicated network of alumni who support women in business. Simply send an email to wuea-female-leaders-network(at) We also recommend joining the LinkedIn group of the WU EA Female Leaders Network.

The Female Leaders Network in front of a WU Executive Academy flag

How to apply

Please select the program and scholarship “Executive MBA, MBA & LL.M. | Scholarships for Female Leaders” in the online application form.

In addition to the general application documents, a proof of salary must be provided upon request (payslip, income statement or confirmation from the company). If you have to cope with extraordinary financial burdens (care of a family member, medical expenses, etc.), please also submit a corresponding proof of this. If you have any questions, please send us an email to emba(at)

Is an Executive MBA the right continuing education program for me?

We are happy to give you feedback on your profile before starting the online application. Please register here for your free profile check.

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