Global Executive MBA

Gain a Global Perspective

The Global Executive MBA is an international cutting-edge partnership between the University of Minnesota and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). The program provides a unique global vision with expert insights into management and leadership practice. In addition to interactive classes in Vienna, 3 International Immersions expose you to the latest thoughts of leading international professors, senior managers, and policy makers.

Maximise Your Potential

Our Global Executive MBA is specifically designed to meet the real-world challenges that managers face in demanding industries and business functions. It enables you to apply up-to-date knowledge and management tools in your workplace, even as you study. The program provides you with all the skills necessary to maximize your potential to become a world-class leader. In a challenging but nurturing environment, it builds a deep understanding of core business subjects in all major functional areas, while also emphasizing the skills needed to recognize and adapt to emerging trends and new technologies.

Does the Global Executive MBA pay off?

The return on investment (ROI) of an Executive MBA is complex and goes far beyond the financial return - i.e. an increase in salary. According to the Financial Times, the investment in the WU Executive Academy's Global Executive MBA will pay off just 3 years after graduation, as the salary of MBA graduates increases significantly on average.

At a time, when companies face challenges with keeping their top talent, they are often willing to contribute to the tuition fee. Furthermore, by paying for an MBA program instead of a financial bonus, both the employer and employee can save on taxes. Besides this, the WU Executive Academy offers payment by installment without charging any interest or fees. This offers the opportunity to pay for the tuition over a period of up to three financial years. And of course, students can also claim tax returns in most countries, when paying the tuition fee.

Alongside the financial aspect, the Global Executive MBA also offers access to an exclusive world-spanning network, new career prospects and the latest management and leadership skills tailored to professional practice.

Global Executive MBA - Rankings

Our Global Executive MBA is one of only a few programs worldwide to receive the prestigious triple accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. The outstanding quality of our program was recently reavaluated by the Financial Times & The Economist, which ranked our Global Executive MBA among the top programs worldwide.

  • Top 40: Worldwide Financial Times & Economist Global Executive MBA Ranking 

    • #6: International course experience

    • #15: Career progress

  • #13 worldwide: QS Global Executive MBA Ranking 2023

    • another year-on-year improvement for the Global Executive MBA

    • top results in the categories "career development", "nationalities" (reflecting the number of different nationalities in a cohort) and "academic reputation"

Official Degree

The Global Executive MBA is offered by the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) as well as the University of Minnesota, USA.

Participants of the Global Executive MBA receive two MBA degrees:

  • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) awarded by the WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) awarded by the University of Minnesota, USA
    • 125 Years of Teaching Experience

      • Prestigious academic pioneer: There are reasons why thousands of students from over 100 countries choose to study at the WU Vienna. Europe’s largest business university takes its responsibility to forge tomorrow’s leaders very seriously. Our unique vision of intelligent, sustainable leadership offers a significant competitive advantage in international business.

      • Top international faculty: Our faculty comprises an exclusive pool of some of the finest academic and business management minds around the globe. They are offering a wealth of real-world experience in leading international companies.

      • Research-led teaching: The quality of didactic content exerts a significant influence on the success of individuals, companies and, society as a whole. The foundation of curated, ongoing research guarantees the efficacy of our programs.

      • Leveraging cutting-edge theory into business practice: The core expertise we offer derives from an intensive and focused exchange with a range of business sectors and industries. This results in a proven hybrid of cutting-edge research and rock-solid, effective business practice.

      • Triple accreditation: The WU Vienna is one of only a few business universities worldwide awarded prestigious triple accreditation, confirming our place among the world’s elite.

      • High international rankings: We are justifiably proud of our top positions in leading international rankings.

      • Custom-designed learning environment: In the middle of a campus rich with award-winning architecture, the WU Executive Academy stands out. Our stunning, new building is custom-designed to provide the ultimate modern learning environment.

    • Study in the Heart of Europe

      • Beautiful study location - Vienna: An incomparable fusion of past and present, Vienna is a stunning place to work and study. Austria’s capital city pairs superb, modern infrastructure with art, architecture, culture, and cuisine. Consistently ranked among the most liveable cities in the world. Vienna is a thriving, accessible, central European hub for business, and home to numerous large corporations and international organizations.

    • Join a Diverse Network

      • Selected peer group: A challenging, stimulating environment is essential to maximize the benefits of our programs. Participants join a carefully selected, proactive group of like-minded, dynamic, responsible leaders. Together they question, discuss and debate the cases and solutions presented. The professional network built during your studies will continue to support your career long after you complete your learning journey.

      • Multicultural synergies: It would be absurd to study in a way or in an environment which did not reflect the most basic reality of international business. The broad range of nationalities and cultural backgrounds constituting the peer group contributes further to the added value of our programs. Offering a thought-provoking richness of perspectives.

      • Diverse industries and roles: The executives and managers who study at the WU Executive Academy come from a range of industries and companies. They play the most varied roles within these organizations. This diversity combines to offer an additional wealth of exciting insights into the challenges of the fast-paced, modern world of international business.

      • Varied, stimulating perspectives: Your colleagues’ diverse perspectives and the solutions you evolve combine to challenge you to consider things from a different perspective. A dynamic synergy arises within the peer group and your individual attitude evolves to an advanced level of innovative openness.

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