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Reinventing National Oil Companies - A Management Transformation Progr

ⓘ During Covid-19, all our programs are adapted so remote participation is possible.


Reinventing National Oil Companies

Prepare yourself for the future of the oil & gas industry

National Oil Companies (NOCs) play a central role in the development of the international Oil & Gas industry. They control the majority of the global reserves and hydrocarbons production. Moreover, NOCs have the mandate to create value from the development of their own hydrocarbon resources, playing a central role in ensuring the energy supply for supporting national economic growth.

NOCs’ stakeholders and modus operandi are distinct from other Oil & Gas companies. Besides the expected high operational standards to create value from the hydrocarbon operations, NOCs are the champions of the national resources development and usually play a social - political role.

Changing industry - opportunities for the energy companies

The Oil & Gas industry is under a phase of profound transformation. The energy transition and its alternative solutions to fossil fuels, skepticism about the future of the Oil & Gas industry, new digital technologies, industries convergence, and changes in customer preferences are reshaping the future. Leaders are in the process of discovering the meaning of these changes for their business strategy and operations.

This program brings together leaders from National Oil Companies and other industry stakeholders. Participants discuss current operational challenges and prepare themselves for the future by learning how to:

  • Anticipate. By identifying key trends and external disruptions in the Oil & Gas industry and discussing their meaning for each NOC.
  • Innovate. By analyzing and assessing different models to perpetuate NOC leadership in their ability to shape the Oil & Gas value chain of tomorrow, from exploration to fuel distribution.
  • Transform. By designing sustainable levers to transform the operations towards their own targets, leveraging the advantages of being a National Champion and mitigating the risks.

WU Executive Academy offers this program in cooperation with Arthur D. Little (ADL). ADL has more than 100 years of consulting experience in the Oil & Gas industry and is actively supporting National Oil Companies all over the world in transforming their management, processes, and resources in order to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

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