3 benefits of company visits during Executive MBA courses

November 25, 2016

Company visits during Executive MBA courses are great opportunities to gain industry insights and expand networks. Here are other benefits!

An MBA class waiting in a huge company lobby full of steel and glass
MBA students and alumni visit the Voestalpine AG – the international steel-based technology and capital goods group based in Linz, Austria.

One of the reasons that an MBA (Master of Business Administration) is the most prestigious and sought after degree in the world is the effective manner of which business and management principles are taught and applied to real-world situations. It's a learning environment that develops exceptional leadership and strategic management skills by regularly bringing together inspiring academics and diverse practitioners in the business world.

In WU Executive Academy's Global Executive MBA, students gain in-depth knowledge of business theory and practice in both mature and emerging markets. Insider information of local management strategies is acquired through visits of companies of varying sizes, industries, and experiences. During these unique opportunities, MBA students are exposed to different ways of achieving success as they connect with global business leaders and develop a nuanced understanding of operating in new markets.

Here are three of the top benefits of company visits in an executive MBA program.

Company visits in our Executive MBA Program provide valuable insights  

The exclusive program setting of the Global Executive MBA prepares managers for the complex requirements of leading global teams across changing markets. To truly understand the phenomenon of globalization, MBA students participate in international residencies in four strategically important countries on three continents—Russia, China, India and the U.S.A.

Two Chinese men shaking hands accompanied by a Chinese woman on the right
Visits in China expose MBA students to one of the world's fastest growing economies

During these study trips, students spend their mornings attending lectures and their afternoons visiting both regional and international companies, including some of the world's most successful multinational corporations. They gain first-hand experience in both the fastest growing and most established economies in the world with opportunities to discuss global innovation strategies, social projects and other insights with top managers.

An Executive Master of Business Administration expands industry perspectives

Experiencing business education beyond theoretical concepts is essential to developing practical perspectives to the working world. Company visits provide hands-on opportunities for learning through exposure to diverse working methods, interaction with unfamiliar industries and organizational structures, and an in-depth understanding of winning company philosophies through exclusive conversations with respected leaders.

Two people exchaning business cards
Company visits are great opportunities to expand business networks

Visiting exciting companies like Google, Microsoft, 3M, Hyundai, and General Mills are empowering opportunities to witness the evolving challenges faced by thriving organizations, including their respective innovative approaches to technological developments.

"During the company visits, I was deeply impressed by the state-of-the-art equipment of the businesses and by their approaches to management and organization," says WU Executive MBA program student Xuewei Zheng. "It makes me proud to see that Chinese firms are increasing their R&D spending with a view to gaining a strong foothold in the global market."

Company visits provide unique networking opportunities for Executive MBA Program students

Besides the first-hand insights into progressive industry best practices, company visits also provide one-of-a-kind networking opportunities for MBA students, which may lead to rewarding employment or business expansion prospects. WU Executive Academy has close ties to major companies all over the world, giving students in executive MBA courses the invigorating experience of meeting interesting and highly qualified international managers. These meetings expand students' networks, providing not only advice and support but also exciting career opportunities.

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