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3 ways an Executive MBA program provides firsthand experience

January 31, 2017

Internationally focused executive MBA programs provide firsthand experience through applied learning, company visits, and more. Learn how!

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The best way to truly understand newly acquired knowledge is through direct experience and active reflection. This is why the best MBA programs are specifically designed to meet the real-world challenges faced by business managers by emphasizing regular opportunities for experiential learning.

One of the primary benefits of an internationally-focused executive MBA is being able to interact with a diverse group of talented peers throughout the program, each of whom brings their unique career experience to the collective, and continuously applies acquired insights and management tools in the workplace. Over the course of 15 months and with only 40 days away from your ongoing job, you develop cutting-edge knowledge and management tools through firsthand experience on four continents.

Here are three ways that executive MBA programs provide this valuable experience.

International residencies in a Global Executive MBA program

While many business schools are attempting to better embrace the realities of our globalized society, WU Executive Academy delivers a truly international MBA program that extends well beyond the walls of the classroom. Students have the exclusive opportunity to complete three international residencies in five countries (Chile, Brazil, China, India, USA), learning from renowned experts around the world in both mature and emerging markets.

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Exploring different business markets expands your management perspectives

Exposure to a wide variety of management approaches provides the necessary skills to recognize and effectively respond to emerging business opportunities while understanding the intricacies of multicultural working relationships and best practices of globalized operations. Students examine economic indicators and cultural idiosyncrasies as they explore the complexities of crafting global strategies and harness inspirations for innovation. 

How company visits and guest speakers enhance an EMBA

Going beyond academic knowledge, company visits enable students to see how top performing organizations have transformed management strategies into sustainable competitive advantages. They provide practical perspectives on business operations through observance of employment practices, demonstrations of working methods, and interactions with successful leaders in diverse disciplines.

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Company visits are a great opportunity for firsthand experience and networking

Students gain exclusive audiences with respected executives, providing priceless networking opportunities, and get behind-the-scenes access to organizational structures and technological processes. During international residencies, EMBA students spend their mornings in lectures and their afternoons visiting companies in the region, including some of the world's most successful multinationals. Meanwhile, notable guest speakers enrich the program with their firsthand insights into effective management practice.

An Executive MBA program challenges you to think and work globally

Throughout the Executive MBA program, students develop firsthand experience by interacting with international colleagues while working on innovative projects. The virtual team project is a key component of the curriculum, uniting multinational MBA participants across three continents on a highly demanding topic. Team members leverage online communication platforms to synchronize tasks over several months, never actually meeting until the end of the program.

Other assignments include interactive case studies, business simulations, and formal presentations, wherein students actively investigate real-world problems to develop optimal solutions. These kinds of practical projects let you actively absorb the lessons through doing, and then apply your learning immediately in the workplace. Constantly challenging your management approaches creates powerful opportunities for growth and career advancement.   

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