4 ways business school can help with a career in venture capital

March 19, 2019

Get involved in cutting-edge startups

Business school graduates starting a career in venture capital
Find out how business school can help you launch your venture capital career.

Working in venture capital (VC) is an opportunity to play a key role in the early stages of exciting start-ups. Venture capitalists invest in start-ups in the form of capital, advice, or management expertise. Through a career in VC, you’ll have a chance to turn the cutting-edge ideas of entrepreneurs into viable businesses.

Since VC is one of the most dynamic fields of investment financing, it is also one of the most coveted for ambitious businesspeople to break into. Competition for VC positions is fierce, but an MBA from a highly respected business school can provide plenty of advantages. Read on to learn more.

1. A good business school provides opportunities to network with venture capitalists

A business school that provides you with opportunities to meet those working in the world of venture capitalism will give you a huge boost in pursuing a VC career. The start-up ecosystem is fast-paced, and venture capitalists rely on their professional network to identify investment opportunities early on. To find out whether a school offers such networking opportunities, take a look at the past events they have held and guest speakers they’ve invited to their institution. If professionals working in venture capitalism often visit and associate themselves with the school, it is a good indication that they view the school as a source for highly-trained graduates who are prepared for VC. For example, WU Executive Academy hosts the Start-Up and Entrepreneurship Fair, where students have an opportunity to meet a number of Europe’s leading venture capitalists.

2. Studying a popular startup hub provides an opportunity to break into VC

Another way to enhance your VC networking opportunities is to insert yourself in the vicinity of start-ups. Studying at a business school that is in close proximity to innovative young companies gives you a chance to meet the entrepreneurs behind them, including through workshops, expert talks, and company visits. WU Executive Academy’s main campus is located in Vienna, which was ranked the fourth-best city in the world for start-ups by the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2019.

Picture of Vienna's business school location
WU Executive Academy is located in the startup hotspot of Vienna.

Furthermore, many of our MBA programs include an international residency which can take place in one of many popular start-up hotspots. For example, recent international residencies have taken place in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Boston, Hong Kong, Hyderabad, Minneapolis, and New York City. Being able to visit cities which are filled with exciting start-ups gives you a chance to gain an understanding of the unique challenges that start-ups often face and allows you to network with the entrepreneurs who are leading the most innovative young companies.

3. Specialized MBA programs can help you stand out to VC firms

It’s important to choose an MBA program that enables you to develop specialized skills which can help you stand out to venture capitalists. At WU Executive Academy, for example, our MBA in Finance can help you learn how to develop your financial risk management skills and better understand business. Alternatively, if you already have a background in finance and want to better understand the specific dynamics of the start-up economy, our MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation can provide a significant boost. In this program, you will have an opportunity to learn directly from start-ups and venture capitalists about best practices in the industry.

Business school students working on something together
An MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation can give you insight into the unique dynamics of startups.

4. Reputation matters when it comes to breaking into VC after business school

While reputation isn’t everything, in the world of VC, it does go a long way. The competition for positions at VC firms fierce, so your school’s reputation can sometimes work to your advantage and can help ensure your application is seriously considered. If you choose to pursue an MBA at a highly ranked, globally recognized school, you may have an easier time landing your first VC gig after graduation. WU Executive Academy’s MBA programs have been consistently ranked among the most prestigious in the world. The QS World University Rankings, for example, ranked our Global EMBA as the 13th best joint EMBA program in the world, while the Financial Times ranked our Masters in Management as the 12th best in the world.

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