Career Story: RIS:App von OpenLaws GmbH und BY WASS GmbH

July 07, 2016

Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation Alumnus Clemens Wass about the launch of his company.

Founder and managing director

Clemens M. Wass, Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation Alumnus

About the company

In the context of a cooperation with the Austrian Federal Chancellery, - BY WASS GmbH developed a user-friendly free of charge online application, enabling users to have easy asscess to Austrian Federal and Federal State Law. An optimized interface allows for direct access to the RIS Live System, a well-established law information system in Austria, provided by the Federal Chancellery as an open data version. Users may either search online for legal norms or download the offline application. Meanwhile, more than 15.000 people have mobile access to the Austrian Law.

On the occasion of the Apps4Austria competition in June 2013, the RIS:App was recognized by the jury for its usability. Moreover, it is top-ranked in various app stores in the category „free of charge reference guide“.

Clemens M. Wass on self-employment and MBA

I became self-employed not only as a result of wondering how to best achieve what I want from my life but also because of events happening back then. Eager to focus 100 percent on the PMBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, I took educational leave some months into the program. It was during that time that the dealer contract between my father's small company and a major producer was terminated. Hence, we needed to find new products and services to breath new life into the company. Given my background, it was only natural to combine law, technology and innovation management. I have been active in this sphere for many years and have built an extensive network of contacts.

The MBA was definitely a contributing factor in my decision to take the plunge into self-employment. As a self-employed person, you naturally have to take care of pretty much everything yourself, meaning there is ample opportunity for me to put into practice what I have learned. I am currently benefiting from every single MBA module, and the ongoing interaction with my former fellow students is an enormous advantage too. For, as they say, the difference between theory and practice is greater in practice than in theory...

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