Chief Purpose Officer: What EMBA Degree Earners Need to Know

May 17, 2022

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Many organizations have created a company purpose statement that they share publicly. While this has occurred for decades, it has only recently become mainstream to dedicate an employee position to see that this purpose is reached.

Enter the Chief Purpose Officer (CPO). Students pursuing their EMBA degree now have a new C-suite option when it comes to imagining their future role as prominent business professionals. Studying at WU Executive Academy, students learn how to adopt a global perspective that can help prepare them to advance their careers and acquire their dream job. Continue reading to learn more about the CPO role and how you may be able to pursue this career path.

The C-Suite Job of the Future

Without having a role dedicated to the company’s purpose, specific commitments tend to go unchecked. Creating a Chief Purpose Officer position at any company can foster more C-suite collaboration and drive business value while also addressing pressing societal challenges.

Deloitte research shows that today, roughly 44% of businesses have adopted a CPO position in their companies to address sustainability efforts. This role is only expected to grow as the general population becomes more informed and aware of the environmental impact of corporations around the world. At WU Executive Academy, your real-world skills will be put to the test as you learn from faculty members from around the globe, including acclaimed experts and research leaders with firsthand experience in the business industry.

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Company purpose statements often address issues of society, including equality, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion

Defining the Role of a Chief Purpose Officer

The Chief Purpose Officer works to ensure that the organization’s purpose is demonstrated consistently both internally and externally. This includes refining business strategy to align with the purpose, as well as organizing the public branding and culture to encompass this purpose-driven behavior.

If you’re looking to advance your career toward a new C-suite position, then the Career Accelerator Program provided alongside your EMBA degree at WU will make sure you get the guidance you need. This program involves three main components: knowing who to approach in your network, why you are driving your career in this direction, and how to reach your goals. This way, MBA students are supported during their studies and beyond as they navigate the business world in search of their dream roles.

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Earning your EMBA degree can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the bigger role you play as an employee

Making a Difference Following Your EMBA Program

Whether you choose to pursue a role as a CPO or not, an EMBA program will help you learn how you can use a global perspective to make a difference in the corporate world. Committing to these important values as an employee at any level helps show your dedication to an innovative future.

At WU Executive Academy, you will expand on your professional business knowledge as you complete the Global Team Project. This essential part of your degree will have you learning to work efficiently in global teams and leading multinational projects successfully. During this six-month project, you will work alongside a team made up of members from varying industries and sectors, broadening your experience and perspective. Upon your EMBA completion, you will know exactly how you can amplify your strengths to make a difference in the world.

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