Effective Closing and Closing Techniques

August 16, 2019

Panel discussion with sales experts

If ever there was a subject that salespeople can’t get enough of, it is CLOSING!

So often this is where the process falls down and “sure things” turn into “might have beens” . The good news is that there are real skills and techniques that can be learned to ensure closing is a natural and smooth part of the sales process.

That is why we have gathered a top tier panel of experts to debate this enduring subject and share their collective wisdom and insights with you. Don’t miss this panel discussion – it could mean the difference between closing more deals, hitting quota and a year of “what could have been”.

To watch the recorded session again, please click here.

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Portrait Caryn Kopp

Caryn Kopp is the Chief Door Opener® at Kopp Consulting whose Door Opener® Service has helped thousands secure business meetings with high-level decision-makers. Caryn is a best-selling author, nationally recognized speaker, and an expert in business development.

Portrait Andy Paul

Andy Paul helps sales teams and salespeople accelerate their sales. He delivers workshops, presentations, and customized coaching programs shaping the sales process, to amp up sales productivity and accelerates sales by moving customers to make fast and favorable decisions.

Portrait Mark Boundy

Mark Boundy is business builder, sales leader, author, coach, consultant, teacher…Chief Clarity Officer…He has grown businesses in a variety of industries by virtue of his relentless focus on uncovering customer value and delivering high-value results.

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