Explore energy policy in energy management MBA courses

July 19, 2017

How top-quality MBA courses can help you understand energy policy.

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Worldwide, energy security is becoming a high priority. Photo © Kai Siefert

Around the world, energy security is becoming an increasingly high priority. Having a secure source of energy provides countries, businesses, and other large entities a level of autonomy they might not otherwise have, and allows them to pursue ambitious goals that require a good deal of power to accomplish.

With global investment in energy production and storage booming, more experts in energy policy will be needed to shepherd new projects along and ensure they fall within legal and normative bounds. Attend a good MBA school and you can become one of these much-needed experts yourself.

Here's a look at some of what you can explore in energy management MBA courses.

Energy management MBA courses teach you about important energy markets

Around the world, several different sources of energy are employed. Some, like oil and gas, are widely adaptable and are used for everything from powering vehicles to generating the energy we need to keep the lights on. Others, like electrical energy stemming from hydroelectric plants, solar panels, and other sources, are more commonly used for industrial or home use, though they are making inroads into transportation, too.

These different energy markets are both individual, in that they are subject to their own variables (cost, environment, public perception, etc.); and competitive, in that they exist alongside different energy markets and compete with them for investment, based on those same variables. Completing MBA courses in energy management will allow you to explore the different energy markets and gain insight into factors like demand, supply, and prices for energy that we can expect to see in the future. These provide an essential foundation for a successful career in energy management.

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WU Executive Academy's energy management program will let you explore different energy markets. Photo © Bruno Descaves

You can learn about energy regulation at MBA school

Energy projects are typically subject to intense scrutiny and regulation, as their construction and operation will often have large effects on the environment, society, and industry. To find success in energy management, it's important to have a good command of trends in energy regulation like, for example, the ongoing global trend of regulatory cooperation between different regions and countries. It's also important for professionals to be aware of the challenges that can be present for energy projects that try to meet the requirements of different regulatory trends.

Choosing to attend a top-tier MBA school like WU Executive Academy will allow energy management professionals to gain deep insight into important trends in energy regulation. Opportunities to learn from guest lecturers working at the forefront of the modern energy industry are particularly valuable. From their experience, you can gain valuable perspective on the challenges of working within the modern confines of energy regulation in a variety of different energy markets.

MBA courses for energy management will help you explore global investment opportunities

Many of the best and biggest energy investments are in developing regions of the world, where a burgeoning middle class is becoming hungry for a stable energy supply for transportation and a more comfortable lifestyle. To take advantage of these opportunities, however, it will be important to have an understanding of the political reality of the region in which the opportunity exists, and the potential risk that may be present in investing in that area. For instance, a country may hold great opportunity for energy investment, but political turmoil could make investing there a bad move in the long term.

Enrolling in a top MBA program will allow you to study alongside executives drawn from many different regions and backgrounds, which presents an opportunity to take in unique insights from a variety of contexts. Exchange ideas with classmates from regions of interest and you could gain an important advantage if ever you decide to explore energy investment opportunities in other countries.

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Gain insight into energy investment opportunities from classmates from all over the world.

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