Global Executive MBA back among the top 50

October 15, 2018

FT Executive MBA ranking 2018

In the most important MBA ranking of the year, the Financial Times Executive MBA (EMBA) ranking, the WU Executive Academy'sGlobal Executive MBA is back among the world's top 50: Moving up 13 positions, the program has come 45th (#13 in the EU/#4 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Apart from its excellent overall performance, the Global EMBA has done really well in almost all categories of the ranking published today.

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The renowned Financial Times EMBA ranking is the most significant ranking of MBA programs in the world. Given that virtually all aspiring MBA students turn to it when it comes to making their program choices, achieving particularly good results in this ranking is crucially important for business schools.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barbara Stöttinger

  • Dean of the WU Executive Academy

Apart from being a great success for us, this year's results impressively highlight that our alumni have chosen the right program. Moving up 13 positions in the overall ranking and doing significantly better in 11 out of 16 categories is no mean feat,” says Barbara Stöttinger, Dean of the WU Executive Academy.

Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, Rector of WU Vienna, too is delighted with the performance of the Global EMBA.

Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger

  • Rector of WU Wien

I am very happy that, after achieving a great success in this year's ‘Masters in Management’ ranking (#13), and after the remarkable results of our master programs „Quantitative Finance“ (# 29) and „Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control“ (# 18) in the QS Business Masters Rankings, we have done sensationally well in yet another Financial Times ranking with our Global Executive MBA. Both results show that, being a provider of internationally respected study and training programs, WU Vienna is one of the best business universities.”

CSR and reweighted criteria

For the first time in years, the Financial Times has made changes to how it ranks business schools: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a new ranking category (accounting for 3% of the overall result). Here, the Financial Times takes a closer look at the proportion of modules in the curriculum dealing with CSR, ethics and social or environmental issues. As for the reweighting of ranking criteria, it is interesting to note that greater emphasis is put on gender-related aspects: “The proportion of female lecturers, the proportion of female students and the proportion of female advisory-board members have become significantly more important.

Together, these three categories now account for 12%, rather than 9%, of the overall result. In other words, diversity is playing a bigger and bigger role in the Financial Times ranking as well, and this is something we very much welcome,” explains Prof. Stöttinger.

The Executice Acadeny building
WU Vienna’s Global Executive MBA moved up 13 positions to rank #45 worldwide.

The Financial Times EMBA ranking seen through the eyes of program participants

“For us as a business school, this is, of course, a great result because it highlights that all our efforts in recent years have been geared in the right direction. What is much more important, though, is to think about what the result means for our students and alumni,” says Prof. Stöttinger.

Thematically, the ranking can be broken down into three major areas:

  • career development,
  • diversity of the business school and
  • research/CSR (new).

In terms of career development, the Global Executive MBA has significantly improved on last year, not only as far as the increase in compensation (+47%) is concerned but also when it comes to career progression (#67 out of 100) and with regard to the objectives reached (78%).

As for the diversity of the business school, the program's performance has been even more impressive: In five out of seven categories (including the three gender-related ones), it has scored better results this time. Research-wise, WU Vienna has moved up 4 positions compared to 2017, and in the newly introduced CSR category, the Global Executive MBA has taken a respectable 43rd place with its curriculum.

View the full Financial Times Executive MBA Report

The ranking results are available here online.

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