How 5G Technology May Revolutionize the Careers of MBA Program Graduates

December 07, 2020

The 5th generation of cellular networking is here to stay

Smybolbild 5G Netzwerk
Here's why the network may also benefit MBA program graduates.

As a major advancement to our current 4G LTE network connection, 5G continues to integrate rapidly around the globe, with the telecommunications company Ericsson predicting it will be available to almost half the world’s consumers by 2024. While many users can appreciate 5G’s faster mobile connectivity, businesses stand to gain the most from the network’s increased speed, smoother integration of technologies, and higher capacity. No one will want to be left behind, yet not all businesses will understand how best to adapt and make the most of this opportunity. With this in mind, companies will be in greater need of highly-trained business professionals to take the helm of operations—making graduates of MBA programs well-poised to join the fray of the 5G business revolution. To understand more about how 5G has the potential to transform business operations, let’s take a closer look at some of its key benefits.

Lower-Latency Services

Latency is the term used to describe the time necessary to receive data being sent over the network. 5G will significantly reduce that response time, taking it from 4G’s 50-millisecond latency to a mere one-millisecond latency.  This marked improvement will be key to businesses looking to provide a richer user experience to remote workers and clients, who will be able to stream high-resolution, as well as glitch- and lag-free video and audio.

Lower latency will also benefit future technologies needing real-time reactions, including robotics and autonomous vehicles. In addition, it also offers improvements to virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and 3D. Business professionals with specialized managerial knowledge gained through an MBA program could be able to offer the important business practice insights needed to lead the charge as these types of changes come into effect.

Pic of an MBA program graduate
Companies will look for highly trained business pros to help them adapt to new changes.

Connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The 5G future is expected to let businesses connect devices around 500 times more than was seen with 4G, giving rise to the overall number of IoT devices. With cities expected to have millions of smart sensors per square kilometre, the communication possibilities will be endless. Some examples that may be of interest to those taking business courses include in-store smart shelves to notify managers when inventory is running low, and companies with fleet vehicles having more accurate, efficient real-time communication with drivers for faster deliveries.

Pic of a connected city center
"Smart cities" will have millions of device sensors on every block, allowing unprecedented connectivity.

As more and more IoT devices enter the network, companies will be looking to those with specialist knowledge to find the best growth opportunities by taking advantage of this greater connectivity. Meanwhile, businesses that are already IoT-focused could see improved data insights and sharper systems for infrastructure diagnoses. This should help lower the vulnerabilities of current devices for a stronger defence against cyber threats.

The 5G Bandwidth Boost for MBA Program Students to Know About

The increase in bandwidth businesses will see with 5G - going from 4G’s 100Mbps download speed to a lightning-quick 10Gbps - allows for huge files such as presentations and/or videos to be shared in mere seconds, paving the way for HD video communication on the fly from anywhere. This can lead to better efficiency and communication with remote workers, as well as improved business-to-business communications. 5G is upon us, and is already changing the way businesses conduct themselves. Those who employ highly-specialized business professionals to manage future operations using 5G are the ones who could benefit the most from this network’s capabilities.

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