How an MBA in Project Management promotes sustainable results

January 18, 2017

Sustaining good results can be challenging, but is often vital to business success. Here's how an MBA in project management promotes this sustainability.

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Manage your projects more effectively with an MBA in Project Management

Managing a project can involve keeping track of a lot of information.  Often, there will be several goals, due dates, budgets, and other information or restraints to keep in mind. Without adequate training or preparation, this can be a daunting task.

By completing an MBA in project management, you can develop many skills that will help you more effectively manage projects at your workplace. This can help you improve efficiency and results, and sustain these gains over the long term.

Here are a few of the ways an MBA in project management can accomplish this.

An MBA in project management will teach you to stick to a budget & schedule

Without parameters to guide projects, it's not uncommon for them to fall apart. An effective way to set a useful framework for projects is to assign them a timeline and budget. Setting these at the beginning of a project can help you determine what the scope should be—how much can be accomplished in the set amount of time, with the set budget—and can help you set realistic, achievable goals for what you want accomplished.

Pursuing project management training at an MBA school will help you hone your skills in establishing guidelines for projects. Under the guidance of expert instructors, you will learn effective scheduling methods, cost planning, project objective planning, and other useful tools for planning and executing projects. Careful application of these techniques can help you begin projects in a pragmatic, results-oriented manner, and improve your odds of achieving good results over the long term.

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An MBA in project management will teach you effective scheduling and budgeting for projects

A Professional MBA in Project Management will teach you about managing project risk

According to The Houston Chronicle, an important element of effective project management is being able to identify risk factors—factors which could lead to negative outcomes for a project—early on, and create strategies to address them. Examples of common risk factors in business include currency fluctuations affecting prices, training for difficult new skills slowing down production, an unclear chain of command hindering efficiency, and any other situations that can hurt a project.

Whatever your industry—whether it's IT, finance, or marketing—completing an MBA in Project Management can help you learn to deal with uncertainty and risk when planning and executing your projects. During your training, you will gain valuable knowledge in risk analysis, creating alternative project plans, and other risk management techniques. These tools can help you identify and prepare for risk factors, and can allow you to improve the stability of the projects undertaken at your business.

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Learning risk management skills can help you make better project plans

Projects completed at MBA School enable you to try out new ideas safely

Often in business, taking calculated risks can allow a company to flourish, whereas being overly conservative can lead to stagnation. However, if risk leads to failure, there can be a large cost. Finances can be put in jeopardy, team morale can fall, and time and resources may become tied up in salvaging the situation.

In a project management MBA program like the one offered at WU Executive Academy, you will complete "training projects," which can let you take chances on the skills you learn in class, but within the safety of a simulation. This gives you a lot more room to experiment, discover what works, and find usable tools to apply to ensure you get consistently good results from projects in your career.

What's more, you will take part in this exercise alongside classmates who come from a variety of other industries and backgrounds. This offers you further opportunity to expose yourself to interesting new ideas, which you can then try out before applying them to your career.

By completing an MBA in project management, you can learn and apply techniques relating to effective planning and risk management in the safety of a classroom. This will allow you to discover what will work for your business, and apply those techniques, at reduced risk, to achieve great results from your future projects.

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