How Automation May Impact the Careers of Business School Graduates

December 22, 2020

It already plays a large part in the business world

Pic of an MBA degree student
If you know how automation impacts your career, you can use it for your success.

Automation is already altering many different aspects of the business world. It’s probable that it will only continue to do so, as technologies become cheaper, more accessible, and easier to implement. Automation is defined as the integration of technology into a process in a way that decreases the need for human labor. Automation can make many different sectors, from manufacturing to advertising, less expensive and more efficient. Automation goes beyond the stereotype of physical robots entering the manufacturing line. There are endless applications of automation. For example, it can be used to perform data entry or create reports automatically and more exactly than humans can. It can also be used for more efficient email marketing, for example, by automatically sending out introductory emails to new contacts. Professionals entering the world of business shouldn’t feel nervous around automation. By becoming familiar with the ways it can improve your career, you can ensure your company is as effective and efficient as possible. Read on to learn about how automation may impact your business career.

Decreasing the Need for Workers to Perform Repetitive, Unstimulating Work  

One of the main benefits to automation is that it has the potential to liberate humans from many different repetitive, boring tasks. Machines and algorithms can perform different types of repetitive work, especially administrative and accounting tasks, in a way that’s much more efficient and accurate. By delegating different types of low-level repetitive tasks to machines, business school graduates can free up resources for more high-level tasks.

An MBA degree graduate working on a laptop
You can use automation to free up resources for more high-level tasks.

There is no need to have employees spend large amounts of time filling out spreadsheets with numbers if an algorithm can perform the task in an efficient way. This kind of automation is also beneficial because it reduces the margin of error associated with repeating tasks. Automated sequences can perform these tasks much more precisely than humans can, because they don’t become strained with fatigue or distraction.

Improving Marketing Efforts for Business School Graduates

Digital marketing is possibly one realm in which students aspiring towards an MBA degree have already encountered automation. Between email campaigns and pop-up chatbots, automation is becoming ubiquitous within marketing efforts and marketing departments. There is good reason for this: automation can render marketing campaigns more accurate and effective than they could be otherwise. There are already scores of different software platforms and technologies available that use automation. Business leaders can integrate automation into their company’s marketing efforts to automate client communication, extend the reach of campaigns, and free up resources for more creative or high-level work. Automation can create a better return on investment for marketing, generating more leads and better conversion with less work.

Automation Can Keep Your Business’ Finances in Order

Another core way automation can impact a business’ bottom line is in the realm of finance. Automation can be used to help a business keep its finances in order with less work. Without the aid of machines and algorithms, companies would typically be obliged to either dedicate large swaths of time and staff to completing routine everyday financial tasks.

Pic of an business school graduate working on his finances
Automation can be used to helo keep your business' finances in order.

By leaning into automation, business professionals can automate a variety of different financial aspects. Payroll and bill payments can be set to be dispensed automatically. You can automate reminders for invoices, so that income sources aren’t overlooked. The preparation of financial forms can also be automated. Importantly, automation can be used to standardize your business’ overall financial processes, making everything more efficient and freeing up time and resources for other important tasks.

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