How career services at MBA school support students in achieving their goals

December 01, 2016

MBA students can take advantage of services that will help them build networks and progress in their careers. Here are a few examples of what is available.

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The benefits of an MBA education extend beyond the coursework, expert lectures, and exposure to the inner workings of a variety of real-world businesses. Students also enjoy access to a variety of career services that will help them achieve growth and advancement even after their education is complete.

Things like career consulting services and assistance with crafting a great resume can make a big difference, and are a part of a winning strategy to help students and alumni achieve their career goals. For those who are curious, here are some of the ways career services can help MBA students achieve their goals.

Students in MBA courses can look forward to individualized career consulting

Students in MBA programs are often ambitious, and have lofty goals for their future careers. For those who would like a little assistance or guidance for their pursuits, career consulting can be a great way to receive answers to their many questions, or to find outside, helpful perspectives on which direction to take. There are many options available to MBA students.

Six career consulting and coaching organizations partner with WU Executive Academy, offering everything from potential and skills analysis, to CV preparation recommendations, to referrals, headhunting groups, and beyond. Many offer these services to students and graduates for free, or at a special discount. If you are curious about new opportunities, speaking with these organizations can be very helpful.

Career center events offer lecture & networking opportunities to students in MBA school

Upon enrollment in their MBA courses, students can immediately take advantage of the helpful events put on by the Executive Club's career center.

These events take many forms. One example is the alumni reunions, of which newcomers to the MBA programs are welcome. There are also the "Insights" series, which invites individual speakers and panels of speakers to explore interesting topics for an audience of MBA students and graduates; as well as various events and celebrations, where attendees can mingle and network.

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Guest lectures and networking events await MBA students

The variety of events means that whether students want to enhance their learning or develop their social circles, they can find some event put on by the Executive Club that will help them accomplish their goals.

Online & regional opportunities give students exclusive access to support when abroad

Though many of the networking options put on for students are held at WU Executive Academy’s MBA school, there is also opportunity for support and advancement for those students who live abroad.

Regional events are put on by alumni groups in places like Slovakia and Romania, allowing for students and graduates in those areas to get together to exchange ideas and build their professional networks. You will also be able to access recruiting services and listings of new job opportunities from anywhere in the world, hosted in a LinkedIn group that is exclusive to yourself, your fellow students, and graduates.

As a supplement to the on-campus events, these opportunities can be a great way for people outside of Vienna to network, and find new opportunities for their careers.

MBA students can enjoy career coaching, exclusive events, and access to services from abroad. Whatever their needs or desires, they can take advantage of the many opportunities offered by WU Executive Academy’s career services in order to progress in their careers and reach their goals.

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