How employer branding can help EMBA grads hire the best talent

September 07, 2018

Attract and hire the best new talent

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Present your company as the ideal place to work to attract the best new talent.

As EMBA graduates take on greater responsibilities in business, many of them will look for – and hire – the best new talent. Among the strategies that help companies sign the best applicants, ‘employer branding’ is crucial. Employer branding means presenting your company as the ideal place to work for a target employee demographic.

From strategic advertising to a streamlined application process, employee branding can contribute greatly to a company’s growth. A sustained advantage over business competitors, effective branding helps employers attain – or maintain – a high industry standing. 

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The Best Branding Keeps Applicant Expectations in Mind

An estimated 55 percent of employers listed branding as a ‘major investment priority’ in 2017. Like all brand strategies, employer branding starts with a clear target audience. In this case, the intended demographic is a particular type of applicant with the skills, education and experience to help companies thrive. Branding to these potential employees means aligning your promotional messaging with their sensibilities, job expectations and – above all – career ambitions.

Employer branding can also come down to a streamlined application process. Whereas 70 percent of companies estimate that a job application takes under an hour, the average candidate reports spending three to four hours applying for one job. With the applicant experience in mind, effective branding initiatives will optimize the process to hold the attention of the best job-seekers.  

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A streamlined application process reflects well on a potential employer.

A Strong Online Presence Helps Executive MBA Grads Recruit Top Talent

Today’s Executive MBA student knows just how important an online presence is for business. Online platforms play a pivotal role in swaying the opinions of applicants – a chance not only to convey a mission statement, but also to show ongoing engagement through regular posts and interactions with your community.

In fact, an estimated 25 percent of applicants list social media as their primary job-searching tool. Effective employers thus consider potential future employees while posting on social media – capturing what makes the workplace rewarding and enjoyable.

In addition to social media, some employer brands will include web content like blogs or vlogs. Helping secure a business’s reputation, this content can serve as proof of an engaging and idea-rich environment for top applicants. Since talented job seekers will likely do their due diligence in researching opportunities, this web content helps convince them of the active part an employer plays in the industry. Employer brand campaigns should also consider public review sites like Glassdoor, weighing public feedback and remedying potential weak points.

Top Employers Measure Branding Success

Employers are advised to measure their branding successes to refine their messaging to job seekers. While no two branding strategies are quite the same, top candidates typically prize proof of business growth, an enjoyable workplace and the potential for employee mobility. Isolating these variables means tracking past campaigns to determine what your target employee prioritizes above all else.

One metric of brand engagement comes in the form of likes, shares and comments – all of which reveal the most effective type of online content. After a Masters in Business Administration, professionals can also improve branding by following metrics like employee retention, manager satisfaction and application totals. These criteria help top employers refine their brand strategy, hiring the best applicants to secure continued success.

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Employer branding helps job applicants feel invested in a company's success.

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