How Our International Residencies Can Enhance Your EMBA Degree

September 15, 2020

What are the benefits of these trips?

Symbolization of residencies during the EMBA program
Experiencing an international residency while completing an EMBA program can enhance your education.

Enrolling in an EMBA degree program can be a great way for professionals to deepen their level of knowledge regarding management and business concepts. Part of what makes these programs so useful is their ability to contextualize business education within the realities of a globalized, competitive world. This contextualization can be enhanced even further with international study opportunities.

During international residencies, EMBA students have the rare opportunity to understand the globalized business world with first-hand, practical experience. While on these trips, students divide their time between lectures and visits to regional and international companies. The combination of theory and experience provides an integrated educational experience. This is perfect for executives who are seeking to expand their expertise and become prepared to advance in their professional lives. Read on for more information about international EMBA residencies.

Visit and Learn from Top International Locations

At WU Executive Academy, students can register for a residency at a top international location. They can learn from a trip to Brazil and Argentina, India and Hong Kong, or the United States. Each of these locations have distinct features that business students can learn from. In the South American residency, students visit Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo. There, they can learn from the lucrative economy of Brazil, which is responsible for nearly 40% of the region’s GDP. They can also apply business lessons to the economic growth and fall of Argentina.

Pic of a meeting of EMBA program students
On these trips, students will learn from top international businesses and schools.

Another option is for students working towards an EMBA degree to travel to Hyderabad in India and to Hong Kong. There, they will study at two of the continent’s leading universities: City University in Hong Kong, and the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. They will learn directly from top business professionals during company visits. The final option is for students to travel to the United States, where they will visit Minneapolis and New York City. During their residency at the renowned Carlson School of Management, they can study the US business environment and learn from the strategies of the country’s large enterprises.

Enhance Your Cultural Competency During the EMBA Program

For business professionals seeking to succeed in the modern world, having essential soft skills is necessary. Communication and social skills are among those most sought after by recruiters, and for good reason. Having good communication skills can assist professionals in conducting themselves professionally and effectively in their business interactions. Having good cultural competency is one part of being an effective communicator.

Understanding, respecting, and knowing how to communicate around cultural differences can be very important for businesses. Cultural competency can help improve efficiency, create rapport with clients, colleagues, and connections, and open new markets and networking opportunities. Most importantly, it can help avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications. Although communication skills can be developed inbusiness courses, being placed in a wholly different cultural context will be a more effective way to learn directly. 

Expand Your Mindset and Perspective

The most valuable part of engaging in international business residencies is the ability to get first-hand experience of different ways of conducting business. This can enable professionals to see outside their normal frameworks and consider other perspectives and worldviews. This can get them to move outside of their traditional mindset and consider business concepts in new, radical ways.

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International residencies can help expand students' worldviews and perspectives.

These residencies also grant the rare opportunity to see business principles applied to unique situations and industries. Students get an insider’s glance at how international corporations in Hong Kong or Buenos Aires apply principles to their specific situations. Getting these perspectives can help business professionals when applying concepts and principles to their own business practices.

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