How Taking a Global EMBA Program Can Help You Expand Your Business Internationally

April 13, 2021

Improve your professional skills and go global

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Expanding into international markets with an Global EMBA degree.

The business world has been strongly affected by changing technologies and globalization, increasing the need for global business leaders. While an executive MBA program provides business professionals with valuable skills and knowledge, a global EMBA offers students a cross-cultural viewpoint that can help professionals optimize their business for a larger, international market. Choosing to earn a global EMBA degree can position business professionals on the path to success, allowing them to gain deeper insight into top international business practices. These programs offer students the opportunity to gain real-world experience in a variety of markets, providing them with the necessary tools and skill sets to make a stronger impact. Here’s a closer look at how earning this degree can help you hone your skills and expand your business!

Developing Stronger Business Skills Through Experiential Learning

The globalEMBA degree prioritizes experiential learning, prompting you to study real-world cases and apply your newly acquired skills and knowledge directly to your job. Students are also able to share their own business challenges through a class discussion, receiving valuable insight from their expert professors and professional colleagues. Choosing a prestigious program can help you enhance your business skills. For example, WU Executive Academy’s program received triple accreditation from AACS, AMBA, and EQUIS - ranking amongst the top 35 programs worldwide by the Financial Times and the Economist (earning #7 for students’ work experience and #12 for the program’s international experience). A strong program like this can instantly enhance your student experience and personal development. Through individual coaching, personal skills training, and career workshops, you’ll be better equipped to take your business to the next level.

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Global EMBA students recieve valuable insight that allows them to improve their business skills and practices.

Gaining Valuable Insight into International Business Practices

Wu Executive Academy’s EMBA program provides you with an international perspective - connecting top universities from around the world to create a strong and global educational experience. While completing your global EMBA program, you’ll have the chance to study on four continents (Asia, Europe, South America, and North America) at renowned partner universities - earning two MBA degrees, one in Europe, and another in the United States.

You’ll also be learning from professors at top universities around the globe as well as from acclaimed experts and research leaders. The program also invites guest speakers and includes visits to top corporations. As a result, you’ll be learning about key management and leadership practices concerning both developed and emerging markets. This valuable insight can be used to expand your business, giving you insider tools that would allow you to make a stronger impact at an international scale.

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EMBA students gain an international perspective that helps them make a stronger impact in the global marketplace.

Growing an International Network of Professionals through Your Global EMBA Program

A good Global Executive MBA program adopts a blended learning structure that helps you balance your work and studies in a way that fosters personal and professional development. As you continue learning, you’ll be able to participate in the Global Team Project and work alongside EMBA students from three other continents. This type of exposure allows you to develop a wider network of contacts that can help you advance your business post-graduation.

Once you complete your studies at Wu Executive Academy, you can become a part of a growing network of alumni - widening your international reach. With over 5,000 members from approx. 100 nations and exclusive events and services, you’ll have access to numerous contacts - all of whom are global business professionals. In addition to the knowledge and skills gained from your studies, you’ll benefit from having developed stronger ties with your fellow colleagues, providing you with excellent resources for even more insight.

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