How Top Companies Recruit at Business School through Alumni Networks

March 21, 2017

Here's how an MBA from a top international business school opens doors to exciting career opportunities at the world's top companies.

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Earning a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) is a well recognized path to career success—however graduates choose to define that. While many MBA students may be interested in securing enviable positions with excellent pay and prestige, a growing number of grads have different priorities, such as societal impact, creative autonomy, and entrepreneurship. Top employers are eager to connect with these high potential prospects, increasingly seeking to recruit on campus earlier in the academic year.

One of the greatest benefits of an MBA is developing a robust international personal network with a dynamic peer group from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and perspectives. Students at WU Executive Academy have the additional advantage of being a part of an extensive alumni network called the WU Executive Club from the beginning of their studies. A rich portfolio of alumni services includes career development, exclusive job offers, and exceptional networking events.

Here's how alumni networks empower MBA students and grads to access the best employment opportunities.

How Progressive Companies Recruit MBA Grads from Business School

For truly forward-thinking companies, accessing a steady stream of top talent is a business priority. MBA graduates represent a reliable source of world-class leaders, highly motivated to make a difference after accumulating a holistic understanding of business strategic approaches and profound expertise in specific industry and function. Over 400 managers and high potentials graduate each year from WU Executive Academy's various executive education programs, leading numerous companies to develop campus recruitment relationships.

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MBA grads advance to rewarding positions at the world's top companies

Major global employers have close ties with the university, including top multinationals like Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nike, JP Morgan Chase, and KPMG. Many of these corporations train their most promising employees in our programs and are involved as guest speakers and guiding company visits. There are regular recruitment events and other career opportunities, enabling students and grads to attain preferential positions with some of the most notable organizations in the world.

Alumni Networks Provide Ongoing Career Opportunities after Professional and Executive MBA Courses

With over 3,000 members spanning the globe, the WU Executive Club is the perfect foundation for establishing enduring personal and professional relationships. MBA students at the business school earn a lifetime membership to this prestigious alumni community from the start of their program, accessing exclusive career services, international employment opportunities, and exciting events. Special emphasis is given to helping alumni advance professionally, including unique job offers and direct recruitment from executive search partners.

"WU Executive Club is an excellent platform for meeting representatives from the recruitment industry as well as many colleagues with interesting backgrounds and from diverse industries," says Richard Hubatka, MBA, now CEO of LiquidColour.

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Alumni networks provide valuable career insights

Students and alumni gain valuable career insights with over 40 alumni events per year, including a speed CV check with representatives from executive search companies, distinguished guest speakers, panel discussions with business leaders, and regular workshops with helpful tips and tricks. An exclusive LinkedIn group, consultation and coaching services, and preferential access to top international jobs through a partnership with QS Global Workplace are just a few of the perks of a global MBA program.

With a variety of rewarding professional and social networking events around the world and ideal connections to many of the world's best employers, it's no wonder that MBA students credit their postgraduate studies and alumni networks for propelling them to enviable career success.

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