Mae Leyrer on Turning Changes into Opportunities and the Psychology of Turnarounds

July 20, 2021

WU Executive Academy Podcast with Čedomir Pušica

Changes in the work environment can be scary for many people. Mae Leyrer discusses why fighting change is a waste of energy and why you should focus on searching for the opportunity that this moment can hold for you instead. The change management expert also unhesitatingly shares her leadership strategies as CEO of a company with a € 50 million turnover. The company was dangerously teetering on the edge of bankruptcy before Mae turned it around. The Global Executive MBA alumna is also a strong proponent of breaking familiar norms, such as the 8-5 workday. On a more personal note, the mother of a son also shared stories from her time balancing her MBA with family responsibilities and expectations from her own executive mindset.

Listen to the Podcast:

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