Master the art of remote networking in your EMBA program

October 01, 2017

Through smart engagement your connections can grow rapidly

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Networking is the modern business professional’s currency, and this is especially true for MBA students. After all, a leading MBA program provides the ideal environment to build professional connections, as you meet and exchange ideas with a host of like-minded classmates from different business backgrounds and locations.

However, there are several factors that can make it more difficult to build your professional network, even when studying in a top flight environment. For the busy professional, this can include time constraints caused by other important career and family commitments, as well the limited face time that part-time students enjoy with their classmates and instructors.

What are the strategies that a busy EMBA student can employ to more fruitfully engage with their fellow professionals? The answer lies in a layered approach that maximizes human interaction and technical reach.

Leverage Existing Avenues in Executive MBA Courses

Universities are essentially communities, and offer ready-made avenues for students to better interact with each other and staff.  As such, students can benefit from leveraging existing networking support structures that are provided by their institution. Executive Master of Business Administration programs often offer opportunities for increased engagement through career support services, specific business interest groups, and alumni programs, such as the WU Executive Club network.

These organizations and programs exist to facilitate students, with a minimum of barriers to involvement. By looking beyond the core program work and enthusiastically engaging with these services, a student can open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

Build Lasting Connections with Like-Minded EMBA Program Students in Class 

Executive MBA courses in particular are populated by individuals who find themselves in a similar situation, seeking to break through to the next successful stage of their career development. With many top courses requiring students to take part in group work and seminars, any opportunity to converse directly with your fellow classmates should be enthusiastically engaged with.

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Capitalizing on collaborative interactions with staff and students is essential

While it’s almost impossible to ascertain what career path fellow students will follow, by directly reaching out to an EMBA program classmate on the same playing field, you’ll likely be connecting with an enterprising individual who is also seeking to increase his or her connections. This personal and professional recognition, forged in collective effort, can last for years.

Use latest technology to boost your engagement

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Don’t rest on a single platform to nourish connections – diversify

The internet is a networking essential in 2017. Your online presence is your opportunity to define your remit, and you should strive to be active on as many digital channels as possible, with an authoritative personal website or portfolio helping to fill out your presence. Connecting over the right online networks is also a perfect way to nurture your business relationships and develop solid, lasting connections you can count on.  

You should use professional networks like LinkedIn liberally throughout your program to connect with classmates, instructors and other professionals you come across. In addition, consider setting up closed-group messaging on various social networks to brainstorm with fellow students on business topics you’re passionate about, or engage in productive exchanges on Twitter or Facebook.

There are an ever-growing number of platforms available for interacting with academic staff, fellow students, and potential future business contacts. The highly effective business professional should be able to adapt their tone for each environment – and reap the connections.

WU Academy fosters an environment that prizes communication and connectivity amongst our EMBA program students.

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