Our admission team's tips for your MBA application

April 12, 2019

Insights into WU Executive Academy's admission process by our program managers

by Alexander Damev, Senior Learning & Education Consultant

Plan well ahead

Applying for an MBA is a project which needs time and planning like any other one.  The process involves filling out application forms, gathering documents and more.  Take a look at our website, inform yourself and, most importantly, speak to our program managers.

Have your documents ready

Wrong or missing documents and mistakes in the application are annoying and can easily be avoided. Treat your application like a job interview and prepare accordingly. It makes life easier for you and us to not have to chase after missing documents. We prioritize applications that are complete.

Involve your employer, family and friends

Participating in an MBA will be a challenging time in your life. Travelling and studying for classes will cost you time and effort so you better be sure that your family is ok with that. Talk to your employer and ensure they support your decision with some time off for your classes and, if possible, financially. This commitment will also help you in your application progress.

Be aware of what you can contribute to the program

Your learning experience during the program is based on two pillars: The high quality of our international faculty team and the experiences and ideas our students bring into the classroom.  Make sure to show your personality and be authentic during the application interviews and don’t use catch phrases. Show us where you came from and what you want to achieve in the future.

Paraphrasing John F. Kennedy: Ask not, what your program can do for you, first ask, what you can do for your program :)

Be informed

Gather all the information you need about our programs. Think about how an MBA can support you in achieving your goals. Speak to our program managers, alumni and current students or join us during a module visit.

Be proud of yourself

The quality of our programs highly depends on the outstanding participants we are lucky to have. You will spend much time working in groups, solving problems and generating new ideas with your fellow peers. Don’t hesitate to bring in your full range of experience, in line with the motto: “Do good and talk about it”.

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