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February 20, 2019

How the right education helps attorneys, law newbies and an experts advance careers.

Prof. Georg Kodek, Judge at the Austrian Supreme Court and Academic Director of three legal studies programs, explains the differences between the Master of Business Law, Master of Legal Studies and Master of Legal Studies (European Business Law).

The successful manager at Wiener Städtischen Versicherung, Sabine Pfeffer, MLS, speaks at her graduation ceremony on June 22, 2018.
The successful manager at Wiener Städtischen Versicherung, Sabine Pfeffer, MLS, speaks at her graduation ceremony on June 22, 2018.

Never before have there been so many offers on the executive education market. For the managers interested in developing their knowledge, it is sometimes difficult to identify the practical relevance of the programs and identify the individual priorities and target groups. Anyone wishing to continue their postgraduate education in business law is in good hands at the WU Executive Academy: whether you are a specialist or an all-rounder, whether you have previous experience or a need for basic knowledge: With its 3 programs, the Master of Legal Studies (European Business Law), the Master of Legal Studies (MLS), and the Master of Business Law (MBL), WU's business school has created an extensive range of courses that cover the executive education needs of managers at the interface of law and business.


For international experts: Master of Legal Studies (European Business Law)

Today, managers are facing legal issues that often affect two or more countries’ legal systems - an increasingly difficult challenge for non-lawyers. This program, the MLS (EBL), is therefore specifically designed for Austrian and international executives without a law degree who work in the European Union on a cross-border basis and often encounter legal issues in their daily work. Participants come from a wide range of sectors and services industries.

After a thorough introduction of legal studies and methodologies, the participants’ learning journey will focus on civil law, tax law, business law, European law and public law.

"This program is revolutionary because it is not only cross-legislative, but also provides a genuine basic understanding and knowledge of European law. It covers all legal areas relevant for business activities within but also with Europe. The curriculum does not focus on a specific national legal system - rather, it promotes a better understanding of problems in different legal systems and focuses on European business law," says Kodek.

The program will take place for the second time at the WU Executive Academy in autumn 2019 and will last 14 months. In the first intake, the participants came from Austria, Canada, Bulgaria, Egypt and the Philippines. The program is taught entirely in English.

For Non-lawyers who speak German: the Master of Legal Studies

The advantages of basic legal knowledge are apparent to working professionals who, at the very latest, have a management position. The Master of Legal Studies, specifically targeted at non-lawyers, is the solution to all university graduates without a law degree. The part-time program provides comprehensive knowledge in the areas of tax law, labor law, corporate and capital market law, civil law, as well as public commercial law and European law.

"Today, well-founded legal knowledge is no longer an additional qualification for managers, but often the necessary basis to successfully solve complex tasks. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises without their own legal department benefit from employees who are able to bring in legal knowledge beyond their primary qualification. The MLS represents an optimal preparation for legal questions in the daily business," says Prof. Georg Kodek. Not only will executives from the private sector benefit from such an education, but also those from the NGO sector and public administration. Participants need to speak German to start the program.

"And", adds Kodek, "This additional legal training can also be an advantage when engaging in corporate strategy consulting: on the one hand due to the technical expertise, for example for international mergers or corporate finance mandates, on the other thanks to the highly analytical approach which is indispensable for solving increasingly complex problems.”

For Austrian lawyers and attorneys: The Master of Business Law

This program was specially designed for lawyers, attorneys, associates and other commercial lawyers working in Austria, as well as at notaries and notarial candidates who wish to acquire practical knowledge in the fields of commercial law and corporate management.

The 14-month Master of Business Law program (MBL), offered by the WU Executive Academy in cooperation with the Notarial Academy, will prepare you to take on a comprehensive role in business law. In addition to advanced legal knowledge, you will acquire practical management skills and essential soft skills such as negotiation strategies and legal English skills to position yourself in your career. Participants should have a strong command of the German language.

"The demand for competent business in management and human resources departments of large companies and successful business law firms is constantly growing. This is exactly where the MBL comes in. The program is the right choice for all those who want to deepen their knowledge after a law degree and practical experience," says Prof. Georg Kodek, Academic Director of the program and university professor at WU.

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