Switching Career Paths With Ease With an MBA

April 14, 2021

15 Years Executive MBA Bucharest Anniversary Career Story

Looking back 15 years, what has changed in your career because of your MBA degree? How did the program support you in reaching your career goals? What concrete career opportunities have opened up for you?

It enabled me to switch from an IT/Technology focused career to a business and business management career path, harmoniously mixing business know-how and previous technology background. I have been able to move from Technology to Retail Banking and Digital Banking Management. Later, I entered Management Consulting, being Managing Director of a greenfield nearshoring technology center. Now, I am doing Management & Technology Consulting, as well as building a workforce administration and project planning SaaS startup.

What was your first job experience right after finishing the Executive MBA?

The first job after the MBA was with a leading bank sponsoring the programme, I was able to gain access and exposure to the bank’s executives through a networking event organized by the WU Executive Academy. I chose to change from the telecom industry into the banking sector at that time as digitization holds big potential for banking and I wanted to make use of both my newly acquired business knowledge from the Executive MBA and my previous digital transformation experience.

What are your goals for the coming year? Your goals in general? Is there still something you absolutely want to do/achieve?

I am a changer/transformer and a builder. I am motivated and I thrive in such type of missions. I also enjoy doing these long-term. So, I would like to see my current startup succeed and achieve long-term sustainability, as well as be able to have an impactful contribution in a larger corporation.

In your opinion, has the importance of having an MBA degree increased in recent years/since your graduation?

We are living in times where a lot of innovation comes from startups or open innovation frameworks. A broader and at the same time deeper understanding of business models, strategy, commercials and finance are key in establishing market positioning or own valuable contribution when in co-operation with larger corporations. Startup business accelerators are trying to close the gap in knowledge and experience in entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs with an MBA can leapfrog in such contexts.

Why would you recommend the Executive MBA Bucharest of the WU Executive Academy? What did you like the most?

I liked the exposure to subject matters addressed in an global and regional way, adapted to the realities of the actual times. It was mind opening and practical, at the same level as other leading MBA providers.


I can laugh about:
Myself, you, and everybody else
Shortcomings I am most likely willing to overlook:
Being too direct
My funniest/most exciting travel experience was:
I could not survive without this smartphone app:
OSMand, Maps
My fridge is always stocked with:
Pepsi Max
I would spend my last money on:
Ten years ago, I thought:
I'd already have visited South America and Asia
Today, I know:
So much more about spirituality.

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