The “Latin Journeys Podcast Team” – Natalia Villanueva Garcia, Diana Romo & Eduardo Cruz Medina - Creating a Bridge for the Latin American Community in Austria

April 25, 2024

WU Executive Academy Podcast with Natalia Villanueva Garcia, Diana Romo & Eduardo Cruz Medina

In this episode, Natalia, Diana, and Eduardo talk about why they have joined forces and decided to create a new podcast for the Latin American (and other Spanish-speaking) population in Austria. They want to help others find their way around and succeed in the new country, which is very different from their own. We discuss openly the many aspects of what it means to be a Latin American in Europe and, particularly, in Austria.

In their own upcoming Podcast “Latin Journey” the three WU EA Alumni will be talking about the challenges of finding a job, deciding for your children's school, getting the visas, and much more. Their aim is to help fellow colleagues to overcome difficulties in a new country.

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