The Role of MBA Programs in Fostering Gender Equality

April 14, 2020

How business schools affect female empowerment

A woman with an MBA degree smiling into the camera
Business schools can play an important role in empowering female students.

The business world remains mostly male-dominated. The percentage of CEOs at Fortune 500 companies that are female remains stuck at around 5%, and men are more likely to become founders of businesses or occupy senior management positions. However, this is slowly but surely changing. Studies show that businesses with a more diverse workforce tend to perform better. An increasing number of companies are also introducing diversity and inclusion policies to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Business schools and MBA programs can play a unique role in tackling this gender inequality and the underrepresentation of women in business. By showing an awareness of this lack of diversity, schools can educate students and help to change the face of the business world. Read on to find out how schools like WU Executive Academy can foster gender equality in the classroom, the workplace, and beyond.

Access Leadership Positions With an MBA Degree

One of the main ways that an MBA program can help foster gender equality is by helping women to access leadership roles. Men continue to outnumber women when it comes to working as senior managers, board executives, and CEOs. Studying for an MBA can help women to secure these positions. An MBA will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to get ahead in the workplace. It is also a highly prestigious accreditation that you can add to your resume to help you in your job hunt.

A womann with an MBA degree smiling into the camera
MBA programs can help women to compete for male-dominated management positions.

Close the Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship

There are significantly fewer female entrepreneurs than males. In 2019, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Women’s Report showed that the percentage of women who were either new or established entrepreneurs was just over 10%, which is approximately three-quarters of the number of men. One of the main reasons cited for this was a lack of confidence among women. Attending business schoolcan help students to build the confidence to start their own business, and help to increase the number of female entrepreneurs.

Women’s Networking Activities at Business School

Business schools can help to fight gender inequality by offering a support network to female students. Women’s networking events and panel-led discussions are a great way of opening up the conversation and empowering MBA candidates. At WU Executive Academy, we have hosted events such as ‘Diversity and Inclusion in a Global Business Environment’ in partnership with the Competence Center for Sustainability Transformation and Responsibility. These events are designed to highlight the barriers that many women face in business and raise awareness among our staff and student body. Our WU Executive Academy Female Leaders Network also regularly hosts events and offers other resources to empower women.

A group of women with MBA degrees is laughing about something
Panel discussions and networking events can empower women a business schools.

The professional world is changing, and there are more and more opportunities for women to smash through the glass ceiling and achieve their business ambitions. Business schools like WU Executive Academy can make a big impact in driving social change and enabling women to thrive at the very top of the business world.

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