Why an international MBA is crucial to career success

December 18, 2018

People need international skills and networks to succeed

Picture of MBA graduates working on a connected world map
In our highly integrated global economy an international MBA is crucial

In today’s highly interconnected global markets, the need for individuals who know how to navigate the complexities of international business has become more pressing than ever. For executives hoping to take their career to the next level, business training with an international focus is crucial.

An international MBA can help students gain the perspectives, experience, expertise and skills they need to open new opportunities in global markets, both for themselves and for the companies they work for. For anyone considering how to take their career in business to the next stage, here is why an international MBA is crucial to success.

Develop expertise and skills with a global focus

With the continuing globalization of the world’s economies, a deep understanding of international business has become increasingly important for executives hoping to advance in their careers. Even for companies that are not specifically multinational in nature, changes in the business landscape have made these skills essential in catering to global customer bases, understanding global economic trends, managing international supply chains and more. By studying alongside a highly international student body, with professors drawn from all over the world, students in MBA school can develop expertise and practical skills in management, strategy, organization and finance with a specifically global focus.

Gain perspectives on business cultures from around the world

An international MBA can also help students gain the soft skills that executives need to conduct business in a wide variety of cultures around the globe. Subtle differences with regards to standards of behavior and communication can play a significant role when conducting negotiations or holding meetings with clients, investors and other contacts from different backgrounds. The best way to learn how to navigate these differences is experience, and an international MBA at a school with a highly diverse student body and faculty can provide that.

Build a network of international contacts at MBA school

One of the major benefits of an international MBA program is that it can plug students into an invaluable global business network. By studying abroad for their MBA degree in a school with students and faculty drawn from all over the world, students can graduate with contacts from a wide range of fields, industries and backgrounds, which they’ll be able to tap into throughout their future career.

Picture of a group MBA students
Students can build a valuable international network while studying for their MBA

Earn internationally recognized qualifications

Internationally recognized qualifications are increasingly important for today’s highly mobile and international workforces. By attending an international MBA program, students can gain qualifications that are recognized not only in their home country, but anywhere else they might choose to do business as well. Accreditation by bodies like EQUIS (the European Quality Improvement Association) and AMBA (the Association of MBAs) can help business school graduates ensure that their qualifications can travel with them.

Employers want executives with international experience

Having proven experience in an international business context can greatly increase the attractiveness of a candidate when applying for senior executive positions. Particularly for multinational companies – or companies with multinational ambitions – an international MBA can tell potential employers that an applicant has the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the complexities of international business, that they understand the unique challenges a company might encounter when conducting business abroad, and that they have the right experience to draw from in order to make good decisions and lead their company forward.

Picture of a woman with an MBA degree at a job interview
International experience can make a candidate more competitive when applying for new positions

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